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PBS Ignores Climategate, Laments Lack of World Dictator to Enforce Climate Justice

Posted on December 16 2009 5:14 pm
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The December 14 broadcast of PBS’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook is titled “Showdown in Copenhagen,” which would lead one to believe that opposing parties there are facing off against one another over the role humans have in affecting the global climate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In order to fully appreciate this particular broadcast, the listener must already believe

  1. The science on climate change is “settled,” the planet is warming, and humans are to blame.
  2. The undeveloped “poorer” nations of the world have been shafted by the developed “richer” nations and deserve “climate justice.”
  3. The chief villains are the United States and China, but (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) – it’s really just the United States.
  4. Catastrophe can be ameliorated, but not averted, only if draconian cuts in carbon emissions are enacted by developed nations (i.e., the United States) immediately.

Most of the broadcast was unremarkable because it started with the shared but unspoken proposition that AGW is actually happening and is the result of our pumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Once that leap has been made, discussion naturally turns to matters involving how to lower carbon emissions as rapidly as possible, which nations are most at fault, and how much the carbon-pulluting developed nations owe the poor, undeveloped nations.  Ashbrook channeled the frustration felt by all leftists when he asked one of his guests

When you look at these negotiations, there is no King of the Hill here, there is no single nation that can lay down the law and say ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ is there?

Every so often, leftists let slip their affinity for authoritarianism.  If only Mussolini were here, he could play King of Copenhagen and dictate “This is how it’s going to be” to the world. Wouldn’t that be great?

Throughout most of the program, Ashbrook completely ignored Climategate and its impact on the Copenhagen conference. Finally, about 40 minutes into a 46 minute  broadcast, a caller from Davenport, Iowa, asked

Could you guys talk a little bit about how some of the science that mankind is causing global warming, climate change . . . that there are some scientists saying that isn’t true, and for every scientist or climatologist that says that it’s man and his SUV causing this “change,” there’s another scientist saying that’s not necessarily true.  The world is constantly changing, and now that we have this Climategate thing, we have scientists covering up the science that says there is no global warming.

Ashbrook immediately dismissed the idea that for every global warming scientist alarmist there is a skeptic. There are actually many more alarmists than skeptics, which somehow “proves” AGW.

Wow, science is easy! All that is needed to make the fantastic real is consensus.  So, if we can get a plurality of scientists to proclaim “The earth is flat,” then – by George! – the earth is flat. Similarly, if we wanted to travel in faster-than-light spaceships, all that is required is a group of scientists to beeeeee-LEEEEEEEEVE in faster-than-light spaceships and – KA-ZAMM! – just like that, it just happens.

Ashbrook’s guest stammered in response that there will always be dissenters but the bulk of the evidence points towards very damaging effects, which avoids the central question – why, in light of the Climategate revelations, should we believe ANY of the so-called “evidence” peddled by the Elmer Gantrys of climate science?

Is it any wonder more Democrats than Republicans believe in ghosts and fortune tellers?

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