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Al Qaeda’s Useful Idiots: Homegrown, Home Fed Delivered Right to Your Door

Posted on December 16 2009 3:00 pm
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If neither Maj. Hasan, the murderous doctor that slaughtered his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, nor the five Jihadist-wannabe’s that traveled from Washington to Pakistan, had no real ties to Al Qaeda, just a desire to join them, then we have to ask what is fertilizing these homegrown useful idiots?

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, asked guest Irshad Manji, author and professor at New York University, what her initial reaction was when she heard about the five “young people” trying to join our enemies.

Manji: “Chris I have to say I’m not surprised…I know, from having done the research that…it stands to reason, that from time to time we are going to see this happening in the United States…”

While she acknowledged, and was grateful that the FBI has foiled more terrorist plots against the US, Manji wondered aloud how many more [homegrown terrorists] are still out there, and why moderate Muslims are not doing more to challenge what she believes are the religious interpretations that lead to this kind of Jihad violence.


“Are these coming from the Mosques?”


“Not necessarily. Study upon study has show the vast majority of Muslims in America, don’t even bother attending Mosque…No, I really think there is something deeper going on here…”

Manji placed the majority of the blame on the Internet and poor interpretation, but neglected to point to organizations like the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) one of the more vocal groups. In spite of the fact that CAIR was co-founded by Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad, both with known ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and Hamas.

Jihad Watch posted a Fox News quote from the former deputy assistant director of the FBI that underscores the concerns for the increased activity of homegrown terrorists:

“A major concern, Coulson says, is that the majority of the suspects in the 2009 cases have no direct links to major terror organizations.”

“They’re just homegrown terrorists who sympathize with the same Islamic extremist philosophy, and although they’re not connected by order or by organization, they’re connected by philosophy and religion.”

President Obama has made it a point of his presidency to “improve” America’s reputation with the Muslim world. However, in the usual leftist fashion, he will do more harm than good.

While the media ponders why we have so many homegrown terrorists, the administration is fertilizing American soil for a whole new crop.

First, the show trial with Khalid Sheik Mohammad on center stage in New York, and then by endowing Illinois with the Gitmo-stimulus package, he will no doubt feed and water the seeds of hatred within more American Muslims, who are looking for their own cause for a homegrown Jihad.  

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