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Joe Lieberman is “Embarrassing Humanity!” Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 20

Posted on December 16 2009 3:04 pm
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Keith Olbermann is embarassed to be in the same species with this man.

Assuming facts not in evidence, Keith Olbermann expresses embarrassment to be in the same species with this man.

On Monday, MSNBC was all anti-Joe Lieberman, all the time.  Even “conservative” Joe Scarborough’s show, Morning Joe, had a logo for the topic, with the words “Joe Blowing Health Reform?”  Classy.

But of course, no one, even Ed Schlutz, who bloviated that he couldn’t understand how Democrats could be in the same room as Liebermann without “punching him in the nose,” could not match the hysterical hyperbole hurled into the airwaves by Keith Olbermann, who screamed:

“Senator, just resign already… You are embarrassing humanity!”

Which prompts the obvious question—How would YOU know, Keith?  When you later suggest that an appropriate response for Lieberman would be for him to commit suicide out of shame, is that what you mean by “humane?”

The reason for all this outrage is that Joe Lieberman, a lifelong and reliable liberal on domestic policy, is standing in the breach against a total government takeover of health care in the United States.

The “basis” Keith eventually used for his over the top outrage on behalf of “humanity,” Monday night, was a completely bogus “statistic” cited by frequent guest and socialized medicine advocate, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post.  Klein wrote that 150,000 people have died because of our private health system in the last 10 years, and that the Harry Reid bill would “save” that number in the next 10.

At least Keith stopped short of repeating the “holocaust” terminology of Alan Grayson when it came to Lieberman, whose wife Hadassah, (who has been herself personally attacked by the Left this week in retaliation for her husband’s good work) is the child of Holocaust survivors.

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Here’s Klein’s main point as he expressed it to Olbermann, after which Keith takes Schultz’s rhetoric a fatal step further:

EZRA KLEIN:  WASHINGTON POST:  …But, you know, one thing that I think we should be very clear on, and I was hammering Lieberman on this earlier, and it goes in the opposite direction, too—we don‘t have a tendency to talk about this the right way, right?  That if you look at the number of people without insurance that die every year, you‘re looking at this bill saving about 150,000 lives in its first 10 years.  Whether or not you‘re talking public option, Medicare buy-in?  That‘s cost stuff, 150,000 lives….

OLBERMANN:  And meantime, Joe Lieberman continues to spit in the face of this country‘s desires and need.  It‘s not about retribution as much as it is about right now.  You and I might hope that were we ever guilty of such lying, such betrayal, such humiliation, we would flee office or go hide in a monastery or go jump off a bridge.

Yes, Keith, you are a fine representative of “humanity.”  Thanks for sticking up for us, you’ve made us all proud.

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