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Horror + Propaganda = Like, Totally Cool!

Posted on December 15 2009 8:30 am
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I don’t know about you but I love horror movies and studying political propaganda, particularly of the cinematic variety. The lucky attendees at the big UN climate conference overseas got to enjoy both. WooHoo!

Guilt-ridden liberals and true believer global warmists were treated to environmentalist horror propaganda at the opening of the summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, Glenn Beck reported on his TV show.

A video was shown that depicted a little girl walking through a desert, the brutally parched ground cracking beneath her feet. Jolted by an earthquake or whatever she drops her polar bear toy and it falls into a hole. She can’t reach her toy. It’s so sad.

A few seconds later she is swept up into a tree by fierce winds and a violent tidal wave that somehow materializes in the desert. It is truly a testament to modern filmmakers’ ability to generate special effects.

The video is intended to show the barren future of mankind that awaits if draconian carbon controls failed to be enacted right this minute.

Carbon is bad, the no-growth environmental Marxists* say.

Of course that doesn’t make any sense, but logic has never stopped environmentalists before.

Said Beck’s guest John Stossel:

People are so confused about carbon dioxide. They’re calling it a pollutant. A pollutant is soot and sulfur dioxide and the stuff that makes the air black and our lungs black and hurts us. Carbon dioxide is air. It is the stuff of life. Only now, as a greenhouse gas, it may be a problem. But to call it a pollutant that these guys are going to regulate…

The liberals just won’t leave the poor polar bears alone. (Aren’t they supposed to love animals?)

In addition to cruelly leaving a stuffed polar bear to perish in the desert, the environmentalists also love watching polar bears turned into exotic garden mulch. The screaming girl video isn’t nearly as hilarious as the it’s-raining-polar-bears video.


How much is that polar bear smashing against the window?

After oodles of white ursines plummet to their deaths in the downtown of what looks like a major city a graphic appears on-screen letting you know that it’s, like, totally, your fault, man, for being an evil carbon footprint creator. The graphic reads:

An average European flight produces over 400kg of greenhouses gases for every passenger. That’s the weight of an adult polar bear.

Watch it here. It’s like, totally, excellent, dude. These lefties may be crazy but they make the coolest commercials.

*To borrow a phrase popularized by talk radio host Mark Levin.

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