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Rep. Markey (D-espot): We Will Cram Cap-‘n-Tax Down Your Throats

Posted on December 14 2009 7:00 am
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He seems to think we will like it.

Rep. Ed Markey appeared alongside Sen. James Inhofe on Fox News Sunday to discuss global warming, Copenhagen, and the EPA‘s endangerment finding. If the Obama administration gets its way – US law and the legislative process be damned – the whole Democrat and international c02mmunist boondoggle may very well end up costing us a pretty penny.

Host Chris Wallace asks Markey about U.S. aid to developing countries, citing the EU‘s $10 billion Friday commitment. Markey’s estimate: $3 billion. He makes clear that we will not provide aid to China, which matters not, since we will have to borrow that money from China and pay them interest on it. We would be spending money we don’t have so that China can make a profit and developing nations can never develop.  Brilliant.

What’s bad about China, anyway? Not that they brutally oppress their own population or habitually engage in atrocious human rights violations. No, they’re just too capitalist to go along with the whole c02mmunist redistribution of wealth thing and they place their sovereignty above the will of international statists.

We should be more like China, and Markey should move to North Korea, since he seems to find China’s brand of communism too capitalistic.

Sen. Inhofe says that Waxman-Markey is doomed to fail and that the Obama administration will, through the EPA’s Wednesday endangerment finding, simply impose Cap ‘n Tax on us, thereby evading the legislative process to force it on us pass it.

Inhofe dismisses the endangerment finding as an attempt to intimidate Congress into passing the legislation they want. I’ll say.

“If you don’t pass this legislation, then … the EPA is going to have to regulate in this area. And it is not going to be able to regulate on a market-based way, so it’s going to have to regulate in a command-and-control way, which will probably generate even more uncertainty.”

This endangerment finding’s message was essentially, “Nice laws you’ve got there. It would be a shame if anything were to happen to them.”

But it’s all for the trees.

Rep. Markey, incredibly, continues to claim that a scientific consensus exists, that global warming is real, that it is caused by man-made C02, and that we can combat the problem by throwing money at poorer countries and taxing ourselves back into the Dark Ages. He busts out a copy of Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis, written and produced by the same IPCC whose work was discredited when their own internal emails exposed both their manipulation and destruction of data and the fact that global temperatures have declined rather than increased.

Wallace: What about the argument, and it’s an argument a lot of folks are making, if the EPA wants to go down this road and you know, try to force Congress and Congress bugs out at that you’re going to end up with decades of lawsuits?

Markey: Well, it’s no longer a question, Chris, of legislation or no legislation. It is now a question of legislation or regulation. The EPA can act…This is now something which is going to happen. The only question now is whether or not, as you say, command and control of the EPA is going to be the way in which we solve the problem or legislation that allows us to protect trade-intensive, consumer-intensive industries…

He seems genuinely excited that the EPA will try to skirt the legislative process, tax us into either extreme poverty or government dependence, further destroy the economy, and ignore the science which ostensibly underlies the EPA’s dictates.

Sen. Inhofe gets the last word when he notes Christopher Booker’s November 28th Telegraph article, Climategate: This Is The Worst Scientific Scandal of Our Generation, to discredit Markey and the IPCC scientists. Climategate essentially vindicated Inhofe for claims he has been making for years.

Rep. Markey is a congressional representative, elected by his constituents to make laws. Since when do our representatives advocate skirting the legislative process entirely in favor of submission to executive dictate, let alone to international pressure and in violation of our Constitution?

Ed Markey is the anti-Daniel Hannan. (Daniel Hannan is the British MEP who supports the dissolution of the EU in favor of the national sovereignty of individual European nations.) Like Hannan, Markey favors rendering his own job either merely of a symbolic nature or altogether non-existent, but unlike Hannan, he does so because he would like an almighty Executive branch for whom we plebes work, not the other way around.

How does taxing us help rainforests in other countries, anyway? Are other nations actually going to sign up to abdicate control of their lands and let us tell them which ones they can use, for what, and how? Are we going to enforce this with an international climate police force? Does anything this administration is doing sound remotely sane to anyone?

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