Michael van der Galien

Universal Health Care’s Worst Enemies Are…

Posted on December 12 2009 3:21 pm
Michael van der Galien was born in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden in 1984. For as long as he can remember, he has been obsessed with the United States. When he was 17 years old, he started blogging - of course about America. His articles have been published at Big Hollywood, Pajamas Media, Hot Air (the GreenRoom) and Right Across The Atlantic. He's also an editor for the Dutch conservative blog, De Dagelijkse Standaard.
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1. Barack Obama, for failing to show any leadership, starting with when he failed to propose an actual bill or line up any support for the bill he failed to propose, for then supporting anything the Congressional leadership comes up with regardless of whether it makes any sense, and when it all falls apart, blaming it all on the Republicans.

2. Democratic congressional leadership, for failing to show any leadership, failing to satisfy or control their own membership, producing compromise bills that fail to achieve compromise and violate their own principles, and when it all falls apart, blaming it all on the Republicans.

Read the whole thing at Jules Crittenden’s blog.

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