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The Physics of Destroying America: Equal and Opposite Far-Right

Posted on December 12 2009 10:00 am
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In the introduction to Unholy Alliance, David Horowitz explains that his book is about:

“The political Left in America, its problematic allegiances with Islamic radicals, its influence in the Democratic Party, its opposition to the war in Iraq, and its impact on the War on Terror.”

Speaking of the Left’s attempt to equate the Vietnam War and the War in Iraq, Mr. Horowitz point out:

“One lesson…on which all sides can agree is that when Americans are sufficiently divided, their government is significantly weakened in its ability to exert its will on international actors and events. Those who believe that the exercise of American power is a bulwark of national security and a pillar of international order will not be sanguine about this.”

Americans who do believe their country is a “pillar of international order,” need to pay closer attention to the growing problem of the “soft-radical” Right. Ideologically, the physics of Newton’s Cradle has historically played out in an equal and opposite push to the Far-Right mirroring the force of the Far-Left.

The website for The American Conservative, a print magazine launched by Patrick Buchanan, carries an article by John J. Mearsheimer, a West Point graduate now teaching at the University of Chicago. Mearsheimer undermines American resolve in Afghanistan thus:

“No policy can stave off defeat in Afghanistan. The only viable strategy for Afghanistan is the one President Obama will not seriously contemplate: acknowledge defeat and pull out completely. Yet, that is precisely what Washington should do while making it clear that it will leave the Taliban alone if it keeps Al Qaeda out.”

That The American Conservative finds Mearsheimer’s penchant for isolationism morally and nationalistically compelling is not surprising. It’s founder’s recent book, The Unnecessary War, paints a disturbing fantasy of what Buchanan considers the disastrous effects of British and American provocation of the “War Hitler Never Wanted.”

The idea that America ought to intervene for the good of a persecuted portion of humanity doesn’t seem to be a justification for Mearsheimer. As an American woman, I find repulsive the glib manner in which he and his host, The American Conservative, entomb the entire female population of Afghanistan by the cavalier:

“Washington will leave the Taliban alone if it keeps Al Qaeda out.”

A quotation of William Shawcross enriches a page of Unholy Alliance:

“Hatred of America is a powerful and very destructive force in the world today. For all its faults, American commitment and American sacrifice are essential to the world. As in the twentieth century, so in the twenty-first, only America has both the power and the optimism to defend the international community against what really are forces of darkness.”

The American Conservative’s isolationism, like its founder’s revisionist history of World War II, is a corrosive force fostering the Far-Right hatred of what America represents, in reality, to the world. Putting aside the real threat we face by restoring Afghanistan, the Geographical Jihad Disneyland to Al Qaeda, the world on the brink of Sharia Law needs American intervention.

The Far-Right, as the Far-Left fear an America unabashedly committed to obliterating the Islamic radicalism. Our fellow human beings, the women of Afghanistan, for example, ought not to be abandoned under the influence of a far-right hatred of America’s historical opposition to objective tyranny.

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