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Forcing Ireland To Allow Abortion

Posted on December 12 2009 4:19 pm
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"I thought I was an Irish citizen!"

Although it is fashionable to deride and mock conservatives who fear the onset of a United Nations-style global government, a case currently being heard in the European Court of Human Rights shows exactly what can happen when a nation cedes much of its autonomy to an outside entity.

In the  December 9th Bench Memos section of National Review Online, William Saunders details the power-grabbing strategy of the ECHR as it tries to overturn Irish laws that protect its unborn citizens.

Although the constitution of the Emerald Isle clearly affords full legal protections to its fetal denizens,

“The plaintiffs in ABC v. Ireland are challenging the right to life Ireland affords the unborn human members of its State.”

How can a European court even challenge the set-in-stone laws of a free country?

Because Ireland is a member of the European Union, and is subject to the Union’s tenets and codifications.

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. It should give pause to anyone who thinks an external ruling body should have a say in the matters of an independent nation.

What you think about abortion isn’t the point here.

What could very well happen to our freedoms if President Obama and his minions are allowed to continue their romance with the idea of a world court that would have the ability to meddle in America’s affairs is.

Let’s give Mr. Saunders the final word:

“A press release by the ECHR is also cause for concern that the Court is preparing to issue an activist opinion. The registrar notes that the women challenging the law all became pregnant unintentionally. What relevance is the intent to create a human being to Ireland’s right to protect its life once created? (Not to mention, how can intentionality be an undisputed fact?) The statement seems to be stacking the deck towards an opinion that will abandon settled jurisprudence, impinge the sovereignty of Ireland, and result in a global assault on the unborn.

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