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Alan Leshner’s Playground Comeback to Climategate

Posted on December 10 2009 4:00 pm
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Still not as much smoke as the Church of Global Warming is currently blowing.

Still not as much smoke as the Church of Global Warming is currently blowing.

By now, hopefully you are all up to speed on Climategate–the faking of research data to support the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis and its accompanying hysteria. Of course the scientific establishment, with its clear interest in perpetuating that hysteria and the lucrative funding it provides, had to strike back at some point. The talking point that Climategate consists only of “stolen emails” (when in fact it includes far more evidence, i.e., the corrupted data, computer code detailing how the evidence was faked, etc.) is already out there. Now, climate scientists and their defenders are taking to the newspapers to plead the public help them sweep Climategate under the rug.

Alan Leshner, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and publisher of the journal Science–out of politeness, we didn’t put science in quotation marks–has taken an interesting two-pronged approach. One, the old playground favorite “I know you are but what am I?”  And two, “move along folks, nothing to see here.”

Writing in the Washington post mainly as an attack against an earlier op-ed by Sarah Palin, Leshner hits all the standard talking points–ignore all the recent evidence of fraud, those who “doubt” climate change are just “deniers.” Funny, but we don’t think it’s Palin who is ignoring the mounting evidence of the climate change fraud being perpetrated.

Leshner has the gall to title his column “Don’t let the climate doubters fool you.” Funny, but it isn’t the “doubters” who are trying to spin, obfuscate, and outright deny the very real holes being punched in their arguments. It’s True Believers of the Church of AGW who are doing that.

And if there is any doubt that Leshner is a true-believer in the Church of Global Warming, just look at his phrasing, hard to fathom in the face of Climategate– “Thousands of respected scientists at an array of institutions worldwide agree,” “. . . consensus of 18 of the world’s most respected scientific organizations,” “. . . the clear consensus of a vast majority of scientists.” We will translate: the fact that we had to fake the evidence doesn’t matter, because scientists still believe in the conclusions that fake evidence led to. It may be five years later, but “fake but accurate” still seems to be a rallying cry of the left.

We have to give the vast majority of the left credit–they’ve shown remarkable discipline in staying on message, trying to move the conversation along before the public can learn the true extend to which they are being deceived. We hope that we can be some small part of the contingent of those demanding that the world not look away, and examine whether what scientists “know” to be true actually is. After all, 40 years ago, scientists “knew” that a new ice age was the coming problem. 400 years ago, scientists “knew” the Sun revolved around the earth, and 800 years ago scientists “knew” the Earth was flat. Wonder what they’ll “know” in a couple of decades?

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