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Unreality Check: Sullivan and Behar– Palin Derangement Syndrome Squared

Posted on December 9 2009 6:39 pm
David Forsmark is the owner and president of Winning Strategies, a full service political consulting firm in Michigan. David has been a regular columnist for Frontpage Magazine since 2006. For 20 years before that, he wrote book, movie and concert reviews as a stringer for the Flint Journal, a midsize daily newspaper.
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When Joy “Black Friday” Behar and Andrew “Trig Palin is not Sarah’s Baby” Sullivan get together, you aren’t exactly expecting it to be the new “Firing Line” with William F. Buckley Jr.

Once upon a time, Andrew Sullivan would have at least had a discouraging word for someone dumb enough to think referring to the big shopping day as “Black Friday,” was racist. But that was before Palin Derangement Syndrome made him eager to seek out anyone willing to trash Palin in the crudest of terms.

The insanity squared that resulted from Andrew Sullivan’s guest appearance on Joy Behar’s HLN talk show, really must be seen to be believed.  Months after the flurry on the fringe about whether Sarah Palin’s Downes Syndrome-afflicted baby, Trig, is really her son has died down even among the crazies, Behar and Sullivan dug it up and tried to re-animate it.

ANDREW SULLIVAN: I`ve gone out of my mind trying to understand the story.

Normally, I would say recognizing this is the first step to recovery, but there is zero indication that Andrew Sullivan has any desire to rejoin the real world.

It’s one thing that a network most people don’t even know exists looked at Behar’s braying on ABC’s The View and said, “We want that.”  It’s quite another for The Atlantic, a mostly excellent, intellectually rigorous magazine to put up with one of its senior editors dragging their reputation through the corridors of this asylum.

The gutter level of Behar’s show is revealed in the fact that Levi Johnston was her previous guest.  The level Sullivan has sunk to, is evidenced by the fact that he was happy to be the next guest.

BEHAR: Levi [Johnston] who was just on, he basically indicates and implies that he has a lot on Sarah Palin. Do you think there are other skeletons in her closet?


BEHAR: You do?

SULLIVAN: I do. I think that the story of Sarah Palin has yet to be told.

BEHAR: The real story.

SULLIVAN: I think this book that she produced is essentially a work of magical realism. I don`t think she has much relationship with reality. I don`t think she has much relationship with reality. And I think at some point, if journalists do their job and if brave people stand up and tell the truth, we will find out who Sarah Palin really is. And we currently don`t know

BEHAR: Well her people are evil and nasty. They are not nice people. They send me nasty mail and everybody else who talks about it. Anything negative about Sarah Palin, they get hit with this stuff. You know.

When I say mean and nasty things about Sarah Palin, people get mad.  The NERVE!

But for Andrew Sullivan to talk about a relationship with reality at this point… well that’s just rich.  Check this out.  Even Black Friday Behar has trouble coming along on this ride– at first.

SULLIVAN: There are so many bizarre questions including this extraordinary story of the birth of Trig, which is, on a basis, extraordinarily hard to believe the way she`s told it. Maybe there is some truth there that we don`t know fully know. Or she`s confusing —

BEHAR: What do you mean the way she`s told it? She gave birth to the baby —

SULLIVAN: You just don`t behave that way? No one behaves that way.

BEHAR: Which way.

SULLIVAN: No one is eight months pregnant, thousands of miles away from home, as she says, in a hotel room in Dallas.

BEHAR: Oh, yes.

SULLIVAN: With a special needs child. Wakes up, bolt right up in bed, has a strange sensation low in her belly and tells the “Anchorage Daily News” that her water broke and doesn`t go to the hospital. No one does that.

Yes, in Andrew Sullivan’s vast experience with reproduction– not to mention reality, lately.

But of course, Andrew’s taken enough ridicule for this line of thought that he’s no longer man enough to stand up and make declarative statements about it, he’s just “asking questions.”   He’s also too obsessed to just let this craziness go.

BEHAR: So are you saying there`s some kind of cover up?

SULLIVAN: I have no idea, Joy.

BEHAR: So you`re just putting these pieces together.

SULLIVAN: I have no idea. I`ve been trying to make –

BEHAR: Alleging to –

SULLIVAN: I`m alleging anything.

BEHAR: Conjecturing –

SULLIVAN: No, I`m not. Not even conjecturing.

BEHAR: What are you?

SULLIVAN: I am simply saying I cannot believe the story that she`s told.

BEHAR: It just doesn`t make sense to you.

SULLIVAN: Would someone please make sense of this story for me? I mean, that`s all I`m saying. I`ve read this book, I`ve gone out of my mind trying to understand the story. It does not make any sense. I believe in Judge Judy in a way. If it doesn`t make sense, it isn`t true.

BEHAR: But the thing about her though is that she could be a contender for the presidency. I mean, she was a heartbeat away the last time and it could happen again.

Umm, no, she was a FEW MILLION VOTES away from being a “heartbeat away,” Joy.  If you’re going to spout cliches and boilerplate, you need to learn when it’s at least appropriately trite.

Now, back to Andrew Sulivan and his tenuous grasp on reality:

SULLIVAN: Joy, I am an old-fashioned conservative…

As for HLN, whatever the heck that is, just who is the media genius who looked at MSNBC and thought, “Let’s go after THAT tiny and declining share of the market,” instead of looking at the success of Fox News and targeting a viewer-rich environment?

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