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Marc Lamont Hill Defends Illegal Immigrants

Posted on December 9 2009 8:41 am
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Marc Lamont Hill returned to “The O’Reilly Factor” last night. O’Reilly continues to insult his audience and the African-American community by putting this fool on the air.

This time the self-professed expert in hip-hop culture defended the right of illegal immigrants to buy into federally subsidized health insurance programs.   He said that it is both the right thing to do and that it makes fiscal sense.   As usual, Hill’s arguments amount to nothing more than a hill of beans.

For example, Hill says that we have a moral duty to help our fellow human beings, including “undocumented” immigrants  – the term he uses to describe illegal aliens.  But there is nothing moral about forcing Americans into severely rationed health care.  That is precisely what will happen when the influx of illegal immigrants into federally subsidized health insurance programs puts so much pressure on the existing supply of doctors and other health service providers that the demand will significantly outstrip the available supply of health services.

The question is not whether we have a moral duty to help our fellow human beings, as Hill so self-righteously preaches.  The question is whether someone who is in this country illegally has a moral right to drain scarce health service resources away from those who are lawfully here.

Next Hill argues that we are spending money anyway to treat “undocumented” immigrants in emergency rooms, so we might as well allow them to enroll in any health insurance policy of their choice and receive medical care like the rest of us.   He asserts, without evidence, that this will end up saving us money.

See the rationing discussion above. And here is a better idea. Continue treating the illegal aliens in emergency rooms for the most serious cases and then, when they recover, initiate proceedings to deport at least the more dangerous of them back to their home countries.

Finally, Hill argues that allowing “undocumented” immigrants into health insurance plans will help prevent the spread of epidemics like swine flu.  Presumably, he means that illegal aliens will more easily be able to get flu shots and also be treated for such infectious diseases. Aside from the present shortage of swine flu vaccines which will be made much worse if Hill gets his way, even more aliens will decide to enter this country illegally to get the shots and treatment that they cannot get in their home countries.

The next time that Bill O’Reilly wants to interview an expert on trends in hip-hop culture, he can bring Marc Lamont Hill on his show. Otherwise, he should heed the advice of those of us who have been telling him that Hill is a major embarrassment and belongs nowhere near Fox News.

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