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You’re Fired! Open Letter to the Men of Afghanistan

Posted on December 8 2009 7:10 pm
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On December 7, 2009, speaking to Major Garrett of Fox News following his briefing with White House Press Secretary, Shepard Smith asked,

“The government of Afghanistan lost the hearts and minds of the people, so they turned to the Taliban. What in the world is to make us think that the people are going to follow their government once we hand this over to them?”

Major Garrett answered:

“The surge forces will begin to thin out …no matter what. The Administration is hoping that the Afghan government, legendary for its corruption, becomes less legendary. That’s a lot of hope… Most of the tribal regions who have become ambivalent or shifted their allegiance have done so out of…fear or greed.”

We are going to pull out no matter what?  Now, there is a strategy that would have worked very well in, say, post-World War II Germany or Japan!  The people of Afghanistan, like those of the Axis powers, had totalitarian governments wrest from them by raw external force, not by popular consensus.  While there were domestic resistance movements, their efforts were insufficient to depose the villains. By admission of the Obama Administration, the Afghanis to whom it intends to turn over the country in 2011 are easily won over by fear and gold.  This makes them likely to capitulate and return to one of the most horrific regimes in history.

Leftist confidence that pre-Eden humanity will triumph in the men who have only been exposed to human rights through military persuasion has no basis in history or logic.  To the thinly veiled, utopian plan of the Obama Administration, how about a alternative offered to the men of Afghanistan, in plain American.

Dear Men of Afghanistan,

“We have to say that we just don’t trust you!  You cannot have your own country to run! The blood of a single one of our soldiers is too valuable to risk on the chance that you are going to open your tents to Osama Bin Laden or his friends again.”

“Just as in Germany and Japan, we have a vested interest in you embracing Democracy.  It would be nice if you would do this on your own, but for now, we are just going to play it safe and keep a very close eye on you.  In 2011, instead of leaving, we are going to set up a permanent base in Kabul.  We are going to ship over the staff from Gitmo.  We might even ship the buildings, while we are at it. To celebrate the grand opening, we will host the Trial and execution of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in his old stomping grounds.  As Shakespeare said, “Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage,” and we think that this “good hanging” will prevent your reunion with Al Qaida.”

“We do truly understand that the only permanent solution is to reform the culture and social framework of your country.  The key to this transformation is to put in power, to temporarily impose, someone who has the unquestionably noble and trustworthy motivation to ensure that the Taliban never rules again and that economic prosperity will flourish.”

“Yes, you guessed it, your new boss is a woman, Dr. Sima Samar.  No one more than an Afghan woman has her country’s freedom from Al Qaida at heart.   The first woman to hold a political office in the Afghan Transitional Administration established in 2002, as Minister of Women’s Affairs Dr. Samar was able to do in public all the good she had been doing in secret, under the Taliban.  Dr. Sima Samar, is an Afghan legend, a medical doctor whose decades of work to provide freedom from purdah (forced seclusion) for the women of Afghanistan, as well as education, political rights, and medical attention would have earned her the Nobel Peace Prize this year, were she not eclipsed by the monumental accomplishments of Obama’s first two weeks in office.  She has traveled the world to draw attention to the condition of women living under a succession of oppressive monsters that have made her country the Dante’s Inferno of human rights.”

Such an open letter and such a policy are utopian dreams in their own right, not because they are impossible or because they would not bring lasting change and transformation to Afghanistan, but because they do not serve the plans of others who, in spite of their determination to appear engaged and committed to Democracy in the region, have only given proof that they can’t get out fast enough.  I fear that in place of seeing the first woman Prime Minister help reform the country that persecuted and tortured so many women, we will witness the great waste of American blood and the re-incarceration of those our soldiers died to liberate.

How ironic that a country that resisted domination by the Soviet Union for years, will finally be, at the last, delivered again to a Radical totalitarian Islamic regime  by an American Marxist.  If only the lady had her chance.

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