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Quick: Cough-Up $10 Billion Bucks

Posted on December 7 2009 1:00 pm
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Neither rain nor sleet nor early record snowfall will keep world leaders from the 192-nation UN sponsored Copenhagen Climate Summit next week. And the first order of business: Establishing an emergency fund of, oh, $10 billion bucks or so to ‘jump-start’ the process of saving the world from the dreaded non-crisis of global warming.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has proposed a “Copenhagen Launch Fund” of $10 billion to enable poor countries to tackle climate change immediately. Our very own President Obama agrees.

“The White House now says Obama, after talks this week with European leaders, has come up with an “emerging consensus” on how much money – $10 billion a year – polluting rich countries should pay by 2012 to poorer countries, which are more often the victim of global warming.”

White House spokesman Gibbs said the U.S. would pay its “fair share” of the $10 billion amount but did not identify what that was or from where it would come.

Meanwhile, yet another ‘consensus’ has miraculously become fact. The administrator of the UN Development Fund has stated that,

“…scientists and others believe that between $75 billion and $100 billion a year is needed to help poor nations cope with climate change.”

As has become the case with the new religion of climate change, “consensus” has replaced science and absolutely no dissent is allowed, most especially any information that challenges the accepted, but flawed, data.

The proponents of anthropogenic global warming are so dedicated to social and environmental justice that they believe they are morally justified in ignoring the growing evidence that directly contradicts their pre-determined conclusions.

In a classic case of cognitive dissonance, these hucksters have decided to ignore the recent e-mails that show a pattern of collusion among scientists to fudge the data upon which their whole premise is based.

In their rush to re-distribute billions of our dollars to third-world countries, the Copenhagen attendees are also overlooking the fact that the BBC just reported that the computer code used to provide the IPCC climate data is not quite up to snuff. Oops.

Unless you watch Fox News, don’t expect to hear this news reported on TV. The network media, NBC, CBS and ABC have decided not to report any of the Climate-Gate scandal. Today marks the fifteenth day of silence from the big three.

I expect they’ll be forced to report in this issue eventually. But probably not until the first order of business in Copenhagen is ‘jump-started’ with a cool $10 billion of tax payer dollars – extracted from producing countries in order to pay the “climate debt” our leaders have determined we owe. Hey, social justice requires it. Time to shut up and cough up. Case closed.

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