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Big News: Trig Palin Actually Born in Kenya

Posted on December 7 2009 5:30 pm
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Eric over at Classical Values had a great response to my recent discussion about Birtherism and it’s crackpot leftist cousin Trig Birtherism (the belief that Sarah Palin’s son Trig is actually her grandson instead of her son.) He also had an important discovery:

In fact, I’m going to scoop Andrew on something. It may shock readers to know this, but Trig Palin was born in Kenya!

No, seriously. The only known, true, government-certified copy of his Kenyan Birth Certificate has come into my possession.

And here it is, for the first time on the Internet!

See this amazing revelation for yourself here.

BTW, while we’re on this inane subject again, I feel it necessary — given all the action in the comments on various other posts — to define the term “birther” as I see it.

I define “birther” as someone who argues that President Obama is not eligible to be President because of the alleged circumstances surrounding his birth. Some birthers say Obama was born in Kenya and is thus ineligible to be President. Others say that because his father was not a citizen it wouldn’t matter even if he was born in Hawaii. Such people have sought to explain away all available evidence which points toward the circumstances of Obama’s birth being as he says it is. In their behavior they are clearly individuals possessed of the “Crackpot Conspiracist Mentality” as I’ve defined it.

Those who acknowledge that Obama is almost certainly eligible to be President but merely want to see his “long-form birth certificate” and desire to investigate Obama’s school records, dental records, and movie rental records are therefore, not, by definition, birthers. And I have little quarrel with them except I think they’d be much more effective to distance themselves from self-described Birthers. (And, frankly, I think it’s not the highest priority. Obama’s records have been pursued and studied by the finest opposition researchers in America. Anything big would have been found already. Conservatives should be more focused on America’s future than Obama’s past. It’s better to spend one’s time coming up with policies and strategies to make America better than trying to find out if communist poet Frank Marshall Davis was really Obama’s Dad. Let’s focus on beating bad ideas, not destroying the people who promote them.)

What I wish could be my final message to the Birthers: if the evidence was overwhelmingly clear that Obama was not a natural born citizen and was thus ineligible to be President then it would be a different ball game. But there’s no extraordinary evidence for this extraordinary claim. And because of this Birthers need to acknowledge the reality here: by continuing to push this conspiracy theory the Conservative Movement is being undermined. This stuff destroys credibility. Just as the “Trig Birtherism” theory hurts Andrew Sullivan and every leftist who gets near it, so too does the Obama Birth Certificate theory.

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