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Smarmy Sanchez: Hides Facts in Support of Ventura's Immigration Stance

Posted on December 5 2009 10:30 am
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Sanchez will stand by anyone who agrees with him on immigration - even this guy.

I can’t figure out if CNN’s Rick Sanchez repeatedly gets his facts wrong because of a biased agenda or because he’s just an inept journalist.  I really think it is both.  His Leftism sometimes leads Sanchez to ignore seeking facts (think fake racist Rush quotes,) but sometimes he simply hides the facts to promote his own views.

This past week former professional wrestler and former Minnesota Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura made the media rounds to promote a new television show he is hosting.  The show is about conspiracy theories and Ventura, who is a 9-11 Truther, was an obvious choice for host. Ventura, in an attempt to gain viewers, has made  loony left conspiracy claims on Afghanistan, 9-11, and immigration to any show that would listen.

One of the programs Ventura went on was The Opie and Anthony Show, a shock jock XM radio show.  YouTube clips of the interview went viral, because Ventura walked off the show after sparring with host Jim Norton.  As Ventura walked off, Norton really viciously laid into Ventura. Here’s Sanchez’s take on the incident:

Sanchez (conveniently) only shows a clip of the interview after Ventura decides to leave the show.  He offers no context to why Norton responds so angrily to Ventura.  He portrays Ventura as an innocent victim who is attacked by jerks for no real reason except ratings.

“Ventura is all but assailed on the radio…Jesse Ventura was invited to that show.  It’s like a pit-bull being poked with a stick isn’t it…they were hoping (the show would go viral) and it did.”

If Sanchez would have shown video before Ventura walked out then his CNN global audience would have had some helpful information. For example, earlier in the show Ventura threatened to leave the show during debate about Afghanistan.  Ventura thinks the US should pull out and Norton disagreed, because we were attacked on 9-11.  Instead of debating the point, Ventura dismisses Norton’s view and repeatedly slams him for not being a real American, because Norton was never in military service.

That information gives the viewer some context to why Norton gets so mad when Ventura slaps Norton on the shoulder and sarcastically thanks him for his service.  Is that an excuse for Norton?  No, but it does show that Ventura wasn’t some blindsided victim.

The main thing Sanchez conveniently ignores is the topic of discussion leading up to the big walk out. The subject was on the tactics used by police and border patrol to arrest illegal immigrants. Norton and Ventura went head to head on that topic.  (Watch for yourself: Here).

Ventura, like Sanchez, is vehemently against arresting people for being in this country illegally. It is a hot button for Sanchez.  Why would Sanchez leave that bit of information out? Clearly he wanted to support Ventura’s views and back the guy, but hide why he was doing it.  That way, the world would simply stand by Ventura in the debate without knowing the issue.

Sanchez is using the airwaves of CNN to push his own agenda.  If the facts get in the way then they must be ignored or conveniently left out.  If CNN is really going to portray itself as the hard news network of the big three cable stations, then it’s time to get rid of Sanchez. I’m sure MsNBC would take him back where he’d fit in perfectly.

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