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Nancy Pelosi, The Nation's Flower Girl

Posted on December 3 2009 6:24 am
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I think that the best segment by far on “The O’Reilly Factor” belongs to the political comedian Dennis Miller.  He deserves more than the 3 or 4 minutes a week of air time that O’Reilly gives him.

Last night, for example, Miller captured President Obama’s West Point speech perfectly.  Referring to Obama’s rhetorical flourishes covering his plan to start withdrawing troops by mid-2011, Miller said that Obama was throwing in an “embroidered” towel.   And Miller said that he thought he saw the White House party crashers in the West Point audience dressed as cadets.

But perhaps his best line was reserved for the self-important Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who never saw a redistributionist tax that she did not like.  This pompous spendthrift spent roughly $3,000 of taxpayers’ money on flowers alone for her office between June and October of this year.  Miller joked that the flowers should be used to adorn her political grave.

Apparently, the 17 percent of Americans who are currently either out of work altogether or who are under-employed are supposed to feel better that their House Speaker’s office is bedecked in flowers.  At least there are florists in Washington, D.C. who will remain fully employed as long as Pelosi remains the Speaker.

Remember that this is the same lady who likes to fly around in her own tax-payer funded version of Air Force One.   She has taken a step up from being merely the run-of-the-mill Limousine Liberal.

What will be next?  Expensive wines, bought with taxpayers’ money from the California winery that she and her husband own, to toast Obamacare?

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