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Even Media Matters speechless over Matthew's 'enemy camp' line

Posted on December 2 2009 9:00 am
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"Enemy camp"? (Photo: AP)

MSNBC’s Oddball Hardball host Chris Matthews endures plenty of criticism here at NewsReal — and why not?

When he’s not trading on his flimsy cradle Catholicism to pontificate (inaccurately) on matters religious, Matthews veers between making flimsy accusations of “racism” and spouting historical inaccuracies.

But you know it’s bad when even the George Soros Steno Pool, otherwise known as Media Matters, subjects Matthews to its patented “no comment required” treatment.

This morning, their front page highlights Chris Matthew’s instantly infamous remark following President Obama‘s address about the war in Afghanistan last night — that the location of the President’s speech, West Point, was “the enemy camp.”

Even for Matthews, the line was truly bizarre. Was he saying those cadets were America’s enemy? That can’t be it. Is the Commander in Chief their enemy? Sure, Obama is an anti-war Democrat, but that doesn’t sound quite right either.

Media Matters posts the video clip without comment. Their (mostly left-leaning) readers, however, had plenty to say.

A commenter using the handle “Limit Corp. Ownership” writes: “Matthews proves once again he’s a sputtering piece of pathetic, corporate news crap.”

“Fairliberal” added: “After hearing his ‘tingly feeling’ comments nothing this jerk says will surprize [sic] me. It is no wonder that MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank with fools like this on the air.”

“Dem02020” called the “enemy camp” line “almost unbelievable, and (…) certainly outrageous,” while another (apparently using Media Matters’ nickname for Matthews) said simply, “Tweety has now officially lost it.”

So that’s one thing the left and the right can finally agree on: Chris Matthews should retire from television.

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