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The Left Denounces Obama's War

Posted on December 1 2009 6:44 am
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The anti-war Left is not even waiting until President Obama delivers his speech on Afghanistan tonight to denounce him.   His own friends are now turning on the poor guy.

Obama is going to begin to understand what George Bush had to put up with.  And it may even get more vitriolic since the Leftists who helped elect Obama believe that their man is now betraying them.  Obama’s attempt to placate his base by deciding to try al Qaeda leaders in civil court won’t help him.

Code Pink has issued what it called an Emergency Call to Action:  Protest the Escalation of the US War in Afghanistan!

Michael Moore sent Obama an open letter yesterday declaring that:

If you go to West Point tomorrow night (Tuesday, 8pm) and announce that you are increasing, rather than withdrawing, the troops in Afghanistan, you are the new war president. Pure and simple.

New York Times op-ed columnist Bob Herbert wrote today:

After going through an extended period of highly ritualized consultations and deliberations, the president has arrived at a decision that never was much in doubt, and that will prove to be a tragic mistake.

And the far Left Daily Kos posted the following rebuke yesterday:

For the millions of anti-war voters who cast their ballots for Obama in the belief that he would be an anti-war president and bring all American troops home from both Iraq and Afghanistan, the president’s televised address on Tuesday night is likely to be seen by many of them as a betrayal  — and a repeat of history.

Wow!  I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Obama.  Well, almost but not quite. Obama put himself into his present mess by cynically exploiting anti-war sentiment.   He campaigned to win over the Leftist base of the Democratic Party during the primary campaign by contrasting his opposition to the war in Iraq with Hillary’s initial support of the war.  Then, during the general election campaign, he drew a contrast between Iraq and Afghanistan to win over moderate voters with a demonstration of his ‘nuanced’ judgment.  Most people were paying attention to the continuing war in Iraq, which many opposed by then and which he promised to end as a wasteful “war of choice.”   His throw-away line contrasting Afghanistan as the ignored “war of necessity” hardly got any attention at the time.

Shortly after taking office, the president announced a major change in strategy in Afghanistan.  He  sent 21,000 more troops and appointed General Stanley McChrystal as his new field commander.   He hoped the problem would go away, but wars are stubborn things.   General McChrystal told the president that he needed 40,000 more troops (in addition to the original increase of 21,000) as the minimum needed to turn things around and to have a chance to win.  Obama dithered for about three months before now apparently deciding to give McChrystal 3/4 of a loaf (about 10,000 less troops than he requested) and to beg our allies to make up the difference.

Ironically, Obama will have to look increasingly to the Republicans in Congress  for support as he continues to prosecute his “war of necessity.”   As his poll numbers continue to plummet, Obama will have to take support from wherever he can still get it.

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