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Democratic Women and Battered Wife Syndrome: The Party Beats Me, But I Love It Anyway!

Posted on December 1 2009 1:00 pm
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If I were a registered Democrat, I would look back over the past year and a half and admit that it’s time for therapy. I would confide to my therapist that, as a woman, my choice of a political party was the equivalent of dating the narcissist from hell – I gave everything for the Party, and got nothing in return.

To all who joined the Democratic Party because you thought this party cares about women, it’s time for intervention! Paradoxically, exploitation and manipulation of women seem to be the preferred Democratic tactics used to secure their support. The big red flag should have been when the Party picked Joe Biden, the quintessential “Old White Guy” to balance the ticket once Obama won the nomination. Though Hillary Clinton received only 300 fewer delegates in the Primary than Obama, making her the choice of almost half her party, she was not even vetted for Vice President. This anguish was only heightened by John McCain’s choice of a bright, successful woman, Sarah Palin, to run as Vice President for the Party that supposedly oppresses women.

Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State, but the Administration has all but marginalized her. Particularly when compared to the obvious confidence in Condoleezza Rice by President Bush, Clinton seems almost irrelevant.

Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law school, yet her image is that of the revived 1950’s Camelot wife, a Jackie O. fashionista who spends her time buying up-scale clothing and fussing over her family’s fresh veggies. Instead of hearing about her policy ideas, American women have been asked to admire how pretty Michelle is.

When the brilliance of Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles, and James O’Keefe revealed that ACORN, a federally-funded organization, routinely offered to help establish brothels and import children for use as sex-slaves to fund political campaigns, instead of a universal outcry, women were expected to silence their outrage for the sake of the Party and make up excuses for the trafficking of women.

When the Party’s crucial Health Care Bill, this Mount Everest of Leftist Legislation, was in jeopardy from the remnants of Pro-Life morality subsisting on Capitol Hill, the Party asked Democratic women to fall on the Stupack Sword, sacrificial victims of the sacred Donkey! As a Pro-Life conservative, I cannot deplore the obvious advantages found in Stupak for American babies. Obama ran on an aggressive pro-abortion platform and celebrating a house healthcare victory without protecting their “rights” was a grave affront to women.

Tonight, as America finally hears the President’s interminably awaited Afghanistan decision, Democratic women will be able to see personal and party politics take precedence over the well being of women, in the most despicable way.

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Congressman Peter King, a Republican, said,

“We have to maintain a secure Afghanistan because we cannot allow the Taliban, Al Qaida, to come back. We can’t just say we’re going after Al Qaida, and not the Taliban…these guys don’t wear different uniforms.”

Obama, trying to please everyone, will give a “Surge to Exit” speech. The U.S. and its allies will increase troops to secure the main cities targeted by Al Qaida, while leaving security in the outlands to the “nice Taliban.” The price for “Peace in Our Time?” Nothing but the women.

Preventing the violent spread of Sharia Law is the goal of the War on Terror. Whatever else the President tries to accomplish in Afghanistan, if he does not strive for this goal, he will contribute to the global enslavement of women by Radical Islam, today in Afghanistan, tomorrow in our own country.

No one ever thought the World Trade Center would be pulverized by eight fundamentalists. With radical Islam, the unthinkable became reality. Pretending that the women of Afghanistan, and eventually, the entire world, are only at risk from a nearly-extinct Al Qaida, does not secure us against viral Jihad.

Planning an American abandonment of Afghanistan and basing it on help from the Taliban, any Taliban, is a clear indication of the true value women have in the eyes of the President and the Party he heads. Pretending that honor killings, beatings, childhood marriage to elderly men, deprivation of education and living in virtual house arrest, are cultural and religious practices and therefore tolerable is to participate in true crimes against humanity.

It is true that Hillary being brushed aside in an election, Michelle being turned into a fashion model, instead of an intelligent addition to the Administration, and ACORN getting a pass when it promotes Prostitution are not yet the same as honor killings. The difference is in degree, not in nature. Tonight’s speech is a good opportunity for Democratic women to think about the long-term effects of cheering the Party as it neglects women, just because they still love it anyway.

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