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SNL Serves Obama a Prodigious Piece of Palin Pie and Highlights The Audacity of Broke

Posted on November 30 2009 11:30 am
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Five Star Unafraid Comedy returns to SNL as they lambaste the presumptuousness and cocky naivete of President Barack Obama.  The skit involves a recent Joint Press Conference in Beijing with Obama and President Hu Jintao.

Naturally, assuming the lead role, Obama (who else?) opens the conference with his typical, arrogant, oratory, and dictates to Jintao the “serious issues” that need to be addressed which will “require compromise and understanding“:

  • The unfair valuation of China’s currency
  • China’s Trade Imbalance
  • and China’s Human Rights.

Jintao, through his interpreter, immediately and skillfully reverses the direction of the discussion. The Chinese President begins to surgically remove the pomposity from the delusional brain of the tenderfoot Obama. The hilarious skit painfully juxtaposes the obviously stronger position of China over the US, and the superior diplomatic talent of a stronger, more seasoned, Chinese leader against an egotistical sophomore:

I completely understand your feelings of entitlement to come here and lecture China on our shortcomings. After all, our country does owe the United States a great deal of money.

Oh, wait! Hold on a moment. I believe I had that backwards. Now that I think about it, it is your country that owes us a large sum of money.”

In the grown-up world of reality where people deal in facts, the real life situation plays out something like this:

Imagine you loaned a guy a thousand bucks. He’s got a pretty good record of paying his bills. And let’s say he has 50 thousand in reserve, and a nice cash flow.

He hasn’t paid you back yet and you’re watching him flub one ridiculous money-making scheme after another. Would you lose confidence and call in the debt for payment before he blows it all? Would you apply some pressure, maybe report him to the credit agencies to hammer his scores as a friendly reminder?

On the consumer level, when a debt begins to grow moldy, creditors will often cut their losses and liquefy – selling-off the debt to another party for sometimes a smaller amount than the original, while the debt still has a pulse. That party will then apply heavier-handed tactics to collect. That’s basically how it works. Consequently, the debtor is now “high risk,” diminishing his prospects for future prosperity. He begins to live in worry over an emergency that might blind-side him and render him destitute.

You’ll be relieved to know that China has not done that to us yet, even though we owe them close to a trillion bucks, as they watch our government’s peculiar financial speculations with their money.

But you should know that if they ever decide to dump our debt onto the international market, a lot of smart people wonder, would the US economy survive?

I’m wondering would the nation survive?

Suggesting that left wing journalists are sometimes temporarily afflicted with an ability to observe and discuss facts, when those facts might potentially implicate the Right of misconduct, back in 2005, during

Bush 43’s administration, a post appeared on The Daily Kos.  Jerome a Paris wrote a commentary based on an article by Paul Krugman of the NY Slimes, describing a very dark picture of the addictive trading practices of the US with China, and the soaring debt we owe them. Paris said,

” …it’s even worse than Krugman says.”

But O’ ye of little faith in Big Gov, be comforted. In that same year, Head of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, wasn’t overly concerned:

“I don’t think that the Chinese ownership of U.S. assets is so large as to put our country at risk economically,”

Thanks, Ben. And we don’t think that the tumor in your head is so large as to put you at risk medically.

In 2008, the US Government emptied our national treasury of more than the amount that we owe China, spending our tax dollars on ‘Bailouts for Failures’, ‘Cash for Clunkers’, (redundant?) and various other flopped political experiments, that we know about,  for the specific purpose of reinvigorating our suffering economy. Do those brilliant stratagems look, walk, and talk as much like political pay-offs and the sudden expansion of spread-the-wealth socialism to you as they do to me?

I mean, if the stimulus money was really about job creation, after pumping an extra trillion skins into the game a year ago, don’t you think we might have seen a single blip register upward on the Jobometer by now? If, as our government explained to us, those bailed out banks and corporations were too big to fail, this SNL skit strongly suggests that China may not think the same way about America.

Big At-A-Boys to SNL for a World-Class work of comedy, and for taking a courageous lead in exposing the little man behind the big media curtain who they call Oz. The skit is an effective hallucination-buster after more than a year of unprecedented, nauseating, adulation, of Obama from the fawning coalition of the MSM, the DNC, and the Hip Hollywood Left. This skit reveals what is becoming increasingly obvious to all – Obama himself is drunk on the Kool Aid and believes his own sycophancy. He is shocked that China does not.  So let us all pause from extolling the Unprecedented Otherworldly Virtues of the Greatest First Pacific President of America who ever was or ever will be, and return momentarily to that raw world of reality on earth where if you don’t pay your bills, they will come and take your stuff.

You know he’s seen the skit. And now he has tasted one small serving of the putrid pie the coalition on the left has been force-feeding Sarah Palin and the country for over a year.

How does it taste Barry?

Please visit and invite others to visit the SNL web site to drive up their ratings as a way of voting our approval for a job well done.

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