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Honduras' Election: Freedom wins over Socialism, Obama, and the MSM

Posted on November 30 2009 12:00 pm
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“They tried to build a Berlin Wall and Honduras tore it down.”

Those words came from a Bolivian member of parliament who helped oversee the controversial Presidential elections in Honduras.   Porfirio Lobo, a rancher from the conservative National Party, was nominated over Liberal Party candidate Elvin Santos, who represented the party of both the ousted President Manuel Zelaya and the interim government led by Roberto Micheletti.  Lobo’s election is not only a win for Honduras, but also a win over socialism, the Obama administration, and the slanted journalism of most of the mainstream media.

In early summer this year, then President Zelaya, most likely under the influence of his friend and mentor Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, tried to rewrite the nation’s constitution to stay in power.  Zelaya tried to avoid a free election by calling for a national referendum. According to the Honduran Constitution, only the congress can call for a national referendum.

The Honduran Supreme Court ruled Zelaya’s actions illegal.  Zelaya rejected the courts ruling and was moving forward with illegal plans to stay in power.  So in June of this year, the court, with the approval of Zelaya’s own party in congress, sent the military in to arrest President Zelaya and he was sent to Costa Rica.

Almost all of the mainstream media and the Obama administration completely misrepresented that event in June and many continue to do so today.  They treated Zelaya’s removal from power as a coup – which is usually defined as an illegal government take-over by force.  There was nothing illegal in the actions of the Honduran military removing Zelaya from power.  They followed their own constitution.  After removing Zelaya, an interim President was appointed from Zelaya’s own party, and elections were set up by both parties in congress where neither Zelaya nor Interim President Micheletti could be on the ballot.

Here was President Barack Obama’s response to Zelaya being stopped from his illegal actions to continue rule over Honduras:

“We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president there.”

Under Obama’s guidance, the US Government characterized the events as a coup, suspended joint military operations and all non-emergency, non-immigrant visas, and cut off certain non-humanitarian aid to Honduras.  For some reason Obama completely misunderstood or misrepresented what happened in order to support a Chavez-style socialist leader. In August, the Law Library of Congress officially declared that the removal of Zelaya was done legally and constitutionally.

Sadly the media followed Obama’s lead and almost universally called the June event a coup. And today’s election results  still haven’t deterred many of them from that approach.  Watch the Associated Presses coverage, which they headlined: “Honduras Hopes Election Trumps Coup”

“Now the conservative rancher just has to convince the world the vote was legitimate and shows Hondurans want to put a summer coup behind them.” – AP News

There was never a coup and the people of Honduras have spoken clearly to the world. They want freedom and reject socialism.  Voter turnout was somewhere between 66 and 75% and the final numbers should have Lobo leading with almost 60% of the votes.  It is a clear statement by the will of the people.

One international election observer put it this way:

“Hondurans are not just electing a president. Their participation is a vote for freedom over Chavez-style socialism.”

Even with a lack of support from some nations and international organizations, the people of Honduras are rightly proud of this day.

“We’d rather be isolated from the world than under Chavez for 10 years,” said Marta Lorena de Casca, Honduras’ deputy foreign minister.

As the United States has been trying to move us closer and closer to socialized medicine and more government control in our lives, it is good to see that in a much younger democracy than our own freedom and the will of the people has triumphed.  Maybe it is a sign of things to come for our own country.

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