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Dear '60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll'

Posted on November 30 2009 9:00 am
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What would WFB say? You could always ask him...

What would WFB do? Why not just ask him?

I’m enjoying your bemused/disgusted reaction to your own poll, in which Rush Limbaugh was voted the “Most Influential Conservative Voice In America:”

In a “Rush” to judgment, Mr. Limbaugh scored the most with 26 percent of the vote. His competitor, Mr. Beck edged out the last two Republican vice presidential candidates by a nose. It goes to show that you can attain more influence being an entertainer with a face for radio than by being potentially one heartbeat away from becoming leader of the free world. Republican Congressman John Boehner, the only elected member listed in our poll, came in dead last. Boy, the great Bill Buckley would have had a field day with this one.

Now, now — why the faux-exasperation? You asked folks to name the most influential “voice” — so not surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck sprang to many minds by an overwhelming margin. Cuz they’re, like, on the radio.

And since you only listed “one elected member” on your very own poll, that might explain why the winners were those “mere” entertainers you put on the list, along with two  politicians you’ve been encouraging your fellow Americans to obsess over. Still, you profess (or more accurately, pretend) surprise and disappointment at the results. Odd.

(And would it be rude of me to wonder where  60 Minutes or Vanity Fair would place in a similar survey of “The Most Influential Liberal Voices in America”, even if the poll had been helpfully pre-seeded with your names? Just askin’…)

More importantly, I’m intrigued by your strange new affection for William F. Buckley (now that he’s safely, respectably dead, of course.)

Especially since your dictionary’s definition of “field day” must be different than mine…

RUSH: Well, but, Bill, you know, as I study things today, you are now treated and received — and properly so — with great affection and great respect, and there are some who say that, “Oh, we wish for the old days of Buckley conservatism when it was urbane and erudite and polite.” They say that the modern era of conservatism has descended into harshness and other things.

MR. BUCKLEY: Well, that’s a weapon. People use that when they want to be anti-Limbaugh. (…) It is, as I say, simply a polemical device.

Here’s a free tip for you mainstream media opinion makers, “investigative journalists” and self-appointed gatekeepers from a lowly blogger who never went to J-School:

I found that transcript in less than one minute. It’s called Google. You can have a field day with it.

Speaking of which: here’s my admittedly untrained and therefore completely unprofessional idea of what an actual “field day” might look like:

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