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Sunday Comment of the Day: Pursuing Holiness and Understanding God

Posted on November 29 2009 5:51 pm
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I tend to find myself agreeing with Nick’s commentary on the nature of God and how to pursue holiness. He left it on today’s David Horowitz Quote of the Day:

2009 November 29
Nick Chagouris permalink

The most challenging of these questions emerge when after one agrees to seek, he considers the Nature of God. Is God an impersonal spirit of “order” in the universe? Or is God more? Is there a God personal to me with Whom I can have a relationship?

Here is where people begin to bristle. You will see it. Many get angry at the mere suggestion. They are lost kids, who think they know.

“We don’t know one millionth of a percent of anything.”
– Thomas Edison

If there is an all knowing God, would he/she/it make it impossible for him/her/it to be known by His/Her creations? That makes little sense.

I submit that all is mere speculation and cannot be proved intellectually. Searching for God with the intellect is like searching for the sun with a flashlight.

God must and can be “experienced” through a 6th sense that He installed in all of us. That sense becomes atrophied due to lack of use just like our others. Therefore, we must exercise – practice.

We know God through INPIRATION only. Inspiration literally means “God Breathed.” In-Spirit-ation. Through our vital 6th sense. We are not whole with merely 5 senses.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

It is through stillness of the mind body and emotions that we are Inspired which is where all true creativity comes – through God.

The mind, body, and emotions CANNOT be still whn they contain certain things, such as lies (dishonesties), selfishness, fear, and anger. This is the problem of ours and every generation. We do not know how to rid ourselves of these things, and in today’s world, some our encourages and celebrated. This is an evil. To encourage blocking of the spirit.

When a person successfully empties these obstructions from his self, there is temporarily no ego (self) that blocks him from union with God.

Ego is the conscious feeling of separation from.

We are not separate, but all connected. We are a part of evrythingness. Our ego insists we are different, unique, and separate.

This is the great lie of the ego.

People wrongly think they must get good to get God, but instead we must get God to do good.

The Truth, which will indeed set us Free, is that we are One with God and the Uni-(One)-verse. There is no separation other than our perception.

Interestingly, from the Anglo word “Hal” these other words are derived”


May we all find our path that leads us Home.


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