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NewsReal Sunday: "Reverend" Billy Talen Exploits God to Further Leftist Agenda

Posted on November 29 2009 5:00 am
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What’s in a name?  For decades the Left has attacked the Religious Right for any mention of one name in particular – Jesus Christ.  Evangelical conservatives have been told it was wrong to mention Bible verses or the Savior when debating issues of law or politics. Lately it has become clear that the no-Jesus rule only applies to one side of the political spectrum.

Most readers of NewsReal or viewers of cable news have probably noticed that Jesus’ name is being thrown out there for everything from supporting President Barack Obama, to ending capitalism, to promoting health care reform.  Not surprisingly, many on the Left will simultaneously say that it is wrong to use Jesus in opposition to government-funded abortion in health care, and then respond that what Jesus really wants is socialized medicine.

This week, CNN American Morning took Jesus propoganda a step further by doing an interview with ‘Reverend’ Billy Talen.  Talen is a left-wing activist who pretends to be an ordained minister to attack consumerism and big business.  He has been arrested many times for using illegal tactics in his attempts to bring down big stores like Disney and Wal-Mart. CNN does Talen a favor by ignoring the fact the man is a wing-nut and treating him like a voice of reason.

Talen: “It can’t be a shopping economy…that’s just not working…We can’t just be a debtor nation anymore…fossil fuel everywhere, plastic everywhere, credit card and everybody in debt.  We can’t continue that, so we are looking for an alternative.  Stop shopping but start giving.”

Talen is able to wrap his anti-capitalist views in with common sense statements about problems with debt. His use of religion is another tool to help his message not seem so extreme. Anyone who has studied Saul Alinsky will recognize where Talen is getting his strategy.

Like many anti-capitalists, Talen is also promoting environmentalism over business. Again, he tries to hide his extremism by framing his views in the language of middle America.

“Local shopping… is better for the earth…This year we should give to the earth.  It’s a good gift to promise.”

Talen then tells CNN he got a letter from a father who promised his family that he will give to the earth by weatherizing his home. The interviewer doesn’t think to ask Talen where dear old dad is going to buy that material to weatherize his home.

Talen is a good example of today’s Left. He’s a fraud. He’s a fake priest who uses terminology he doesn’t really believe in to convince people of his anti-American views.  There are cable news guys and Democratic politicians doing that every day – just without the priest collar. The next time these guys want to use Jesus for their propaganda, they’d do well to remember a certain top ten commandment:

You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. Exodus 20:7

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