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The White House Party Crash of 2009: When the Comedy subsides, the Ominous Tragedy Chills

Posted on November 28 2009 12:00 pm
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It is true. You already know about it. Tareq and Michaela Sahali weaseled their way through White House security and crashed the State party. What in the world were they thinking?  And what in the world is the world thinking?

As I’m typing this sentence millions of Americans are simultaneously having the same thought: “If the president can’t secure his own front door from uninvited strangers, how’s he going to keep America safe from terrorist attacks?” I’m going to risk your un-forgiveness, and not just for my overuse of colons, but for my spontaneous impulse to blurt this out. Here it goes:

What in the ever loving____?  Just who in the ____ is minding the store? Ok, Buster, hand over those keys to the Pennsy Ave. digs right now, you are grounded, mister! NO MORE PARTIES!  Especially the SOCIALIST KIND!  Howsabout spending a little of that stimulus allowance on a few rent-a-cops, chief?   White House thinks: “Do we risk offending a guest with a name such as Tareq Sahali , or do we risk the extremely remote chance of him being a W.H. party crasher?  We shall err on the SAFE SIDE!” Call in the expert: WWCD (What would Clinton do?)

Ok, I feel better now. Sorry.

You’ll have to admit, this presidency is so full of tragedy, in order to remain sane one is almost forced to focus on the comedy of it all.

Can any of us wait to hear the Mathews Excuse, or Keith Obamarmann’s spin on this colossal blunder? Will the far left use this opportunity to beat up Obama because of the extreme dissatisfaction over his conservative style of leadership?  What will the ladies of the View have to say about this national embarrassment?

In the ensuing days you can bet jokes, jabs, and jeers will run viral on the net, and comedy writers are at this very moment glued to their computers with empty cans of Energy Drinks strewn about their feet, briskly typing  W.H. security faux pas scripts.  More than likely the president’s own writers are the busiest among these, loading Obama’s guns up with some brilliant comic relief lines he can quickly fire off in order to mitigate the inevitable bombardment from the talk show hosts and SNL. No doubt, there is plenty of comedy to cull out from this gaffe, and that may well be the best defense for the White House. Because if the laughter is high enough it just might camouflage the reality of the tragedy.

Ronald Kessler of Newsmax offers his cataclysmic view of the situation:

“While the couple did pass through a magnetometer to detect weapons, they could have assassinated the president or vice president using other means—anthrax, for example.”

Maybe in another time and with another White House that radiated confidence, this incident might not be so obtrusive. But in November of 2009, there is a disquieting diffidence growing rapidly in our population and throughout the world, inflicting many more people than the H1N1 virus.  While under Obama, it may be true that our nation is growing more likeable in the eyes of the world, The United States of America is also beginning to be perceived as a weak and uncertain nation,  lacking leadership. The tragedy in this is when a couple of uninvited guests are able to invade the home of the leader of the free world, other aspiring uninvited guests are likely to perceive this as their invitation.

Terror attacks are sporadically breaking out on our soil for the first time since 9/11. The Taliban has gained the momentum in Afghanistan as the president cannot decide whether or not to grant his General’s request for more troops. American soldiers are being killed as he dithers. Job loss in the nation has reached panic zone level. Our deficit is quite literally off the galactic charts. We are printing money and debasing our currency. China, our largest creditor could, at any time, dump our securities on to the world market creating unimaginable chaos. And our president is hosting parties where he cannot distinguish between celebrity guests and intruders.

If Obama decides to utilize his customary levity to control this damage, let’s hope his writers aren’t suffering from holiday hangovers. They’ll need to be on top of their creative games for this one.

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