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MSNBC Falsifies Transcripts, Again. For "The Ed Show." Again.

Posted on November 25 2009 4:47 pm
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MSNBC is at it again, editing its transcripts to make Ed Schultz sound less crazy. Leftists complained — falsely — for years that Republicans questioned the patriotism of anyone who opposed them.  On Monday’s edition of The Ed Show, Schultz called Joe Liberman a “traitor” yet again — so MSNBC changed this into a jovial reference to a grocer’s chain.

Schultz said Lieberman was one of the senators “cheating on the American public” by opposing a public option. After accusing the senator of economic adultery and playing a video clip of Lieberman saying the bill will not pass, Schultz used one of her favorite terms for Lieberman: “Traitor Joe.” (You can verify the audio/video here.) But according to MSNBC’s transcript, Big Ed said:  “Oh, yes. But Trader Joe is not alone.”

What’s that — with Ed’s Fargo accent, you can’t tell which phrase he used? Schultz took all guess work out of it earlier this month. On November 12th, he and Bill Press had an in-depth discussion about smearing a liberal Democrat who occasionally votes centrist:

Look, you know, what I call Joe Lieberman?  Traitor Joe.  And I’m not talking about the store where you guy [sic.] the good wine and cheese.  I mean “Traitor Joe.”

The following Tuesday, Ed Schultz used the phrase — and MSNBC transcribed it “Trader Joe.”

Not only is Schultz’s rhetoric polarizing and pejorative; it’s plagiarized. For all these reasons, MSNBC lies on.

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