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Climaquiddick: It's not the emails, it's the data

Posted on November 25 2009 9:05 am
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Cartoon via Big Hollywood

Media Matters is desperately clinging to the notion that those hacked emails between “global warming” scientists don’t show what they clearly do show: that “global warming” was the Loch Ness monster of weather all along.

Let’s overlook the embarrassing fact that the same scientists bullying us to divert trillions of dollars into their scam were too stupid and incompetent to properly protect their own database from hackery.

As more and more experts are saying: it’s not the emails, it’s the data.

Parsing the wording of ten year old emails is a dangerous distraction for those on both sides. (Although it is no surprise that that’s what the George Soros Steno Pool wants to focus your attention on, and theirs. I doubt that gang of glorified English majors are capable of analyzing the code.)

And the code is what matters, since it

includes corrupted and incomplete data, data manufacture and manipulation, programming failure, and program bias.

Says one observer:

I’ve been programming professionally for about 25 years, mostly for a large aerospace company, formerly based in Washington state. (I’m sure you know the one). I took a look at some of the Fortran source files for the CRU’s climate model. Although it has been a while since I did any FORTRAN coding, I was stunned at how really, really shoddy the code was. I didn’t do enough analysis to make any conclusions on the correctness of the code, but it basically sucked. (…) I wrote far better code as an undergraduate. I cannot believe that governments are basing policy impacting many billions, if not trillions, of dollars on this crap code. It’s actually frightening.

At least Media Matters isn’t trying to bury the story altogether. Unlike, say, Google…

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