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David Horowitz's Advice to the Tea Party Movement

Posted on November 24 2009 5:00 pm
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I received an email yesterday from Carol from California who had just seen David Horowitz’s TV appearance on Glenn Beck:

Mr. Horowitz was on Fox today, I believe with Glenn Beck. He and Glenn were talking about WHAT we can do to preserve the Freedoms that this Administration and Congress are working so hard to destroy….and he mentioned the possibility of a ‘die in’ similar to what was done in San Francisco about 20 years ago to draw attention to the AIDS epidemic…

I have thought about this more and more and think it’s a FANTASTIC idea! But maybe instead of just doing this in front of mammography clinics, to have them in front of the offices of U.S. Senators and Congressmen – to show people exactly what this whole “health care reform” is going to do TO us….because most folks with a brain understand quite clearly that this has NOTHING to do with Health Care and EVERYTHING to do with total control over our lives!

I had hoped he’d had at least brief mention of this on Front Page Magazine site, but am unable to do so….any way he can write something like this? I can share with Tea Party Patriots – which would go NATIONAL overnight….I don’t think the Left realizes how far we have already networked…this IS a national movement…..and it is not uncommon for us to receive emails from people in European nations begging us to keep fighting….that America is the “world’s last hope” for freedom….

We need a national leader – tell Mr. Horowitz to be careful – we’re apt to be after him to do that!

I sent a brief, friendly email back and then forwarded Carol’s letter on to Horowitz, who responded to her right away:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for your concern. The future of our country is going to rest on the shoulders of millions of Americans like you. I have written a booklet called Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution. There’s a digital version on our website but I will send you copies if you send me your mailing address.

Here’s the tactical advice I sent to Glenn before the show:

1. Do the Unexpected. Raise Their Discomfort Level. Put them Off-Balance. Invert the Myth.

All four of these objectives are accomplished by inverting the Myth. The left feeds off the Myth that they are on the side of the Underdog, they are serving the underserved, defending society’s victims, championing the oppressed. And that you are the oppressor. By picking an issue and framing it so that it inverts the myth you accomplish all of the above. E.g., by having a Die-In outside mammogram facilities you dramatize that Obamacare will take a vulnerable group, women, and reduce them to budgetary statistics, and sentence individuals to unnecessary deaths. (Obamacare will do this to everyone, but since women have been portrayed and are perceived as a victim group, this dramatizes the way in which the socialist state is an oppressor.)

2. Make your point in a sound-bite or an image.

3. Provoke the left. Since the left controls the media, the key to  getting media attention is to tick off the left. When the left squeals, the media listen. Inverting their Myth is the best way to do this.

4. Pick an issue that exposes the fact that they are the oppressor and you are defending the “oppressed.”

Conservatives are best organized around an issue. The left is a religious movement. They are saving the squirrels, the trans-gendered oppressed, the snail-darters, the planet. What unites them is their belief that America — capitalist America — is the Great Satan. Conservatives are generally already committed to religions in which the savior is not government but a divinity. They are pragmatic and attached to real world things and values. But conservatives can be galvanized into a movement if they perceive a threat to their way of life. Hence during the cold war, the threat of communism organized them around the issue of national security. The threat of Obama is doing the same thing (and Obama is really the same threat that we experienced from communism during the Cold War). Barack Obama and the socialist juggernaut he heads have persuaded conservatives that they are prepared to destroy everything Americans hold dear. So there’s no real problem in organizing conservatives now. Just focus on an issue that crystallizes Americans’ fear and frame it in a way that inverts the Myth and focuses attention on the source of the threat.

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