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Katrina vanden Heuvel Cites "The Great" Saul Alinsky

Posted on November 18 2009 11:23 pm
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Barack Obama is not the only one giving a shout out. On Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Ed Show Nation magazine editor Katrina vanden Heuvel hailed the godfather of community organizers:

The great community organizer Saul Alinsky talked about organized people vs. organized money. We are seeing the mugging of the common good everyday.

How can the Left continue to claim anyone- seeking to understand its motives or modus by reading Alinsky’s writings is paranoid?

The show also represented the continuation of Katrina’s self-contradiction tour on the issue of the filibuster. Now that Republicans are filibustering socialism, she is in favor of its abolition — but that was not the case lo, many, many (well, four) years ago. She said Monday:

We can talk about the need for deep reform of the Senate, abolishing the filibuster.

As I noted earlier this month, when the Democrats were the Congressional minority using the filibuster in an unprecedented manner against Bush judicial nominees, Katrina posted a “warning to the Republic” written by Sen. Robert Byrd, and Nation ran numerous articles on such topics as “Checks, Balances, and the Duty to Filibuster.”

The Nation: still following the party line after all these years.

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