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Meltdown Tries To Silence 9/11 Families Outraged By KSM's Show Trial

Posted on November 17 2009 5:30 pm
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Countdown with Keith Olbermann has no limit to what it will do to back any controversial thing the Obama administration does – even if it means ignoring the families of most 9/11 victims.

Last Friday Attorney General Eric Holder opened up old wounds by telling the press that five co-conspirators to 9-11 would be tried in a New York City civilian court instead of military court. A new CNN poll shows that 2/3 of Americans disagree with that decision and many of the 9/11 families have shown both anger and hurt over it. But you wouldn’t know any of that by watching Countdown (with guest host Lawrence O’Donnell) last Friday night.

Countdown decided to only choose one voice to represent the families of victims of 9/11.  Instead of interviewing one of the many angry families over Obama’s horrible decision Countdown interviewed Kristen Breitweiser.

Breitweiser is a widow of 9/11 and has suffered loss. However, since 9/11 she has become a leftist activist. She has written a book attacking the Bush administration and since 2005 has been a blogger for the Huffington Post. She has an agenda against the Bush administration and it showed in her interview. [Editor’s Note: new copies of Breitweiser’s book are currently available at Amazon for $0.01.]

The only voice or slight mention Countdown gives to the majority of 9/11 victim’s families who are angry over the Obama decision was O’Donnell asking this set-up question:

“Some of the victims families of 9/11 have indicated that they are  not pleased with this move to New York – how do you react to this?”

Breitweiser takes that question as an opportunity to besmirch the character of those other families who lost someone on 9/11, and to take a shot at the Bush White House.

“I think those families seem to be indicating a sense of anger or fear…I think that’s bowing to the terrorists.  I think there is no better place than the southern district of New York…Frankly, I think after eight years of the Bush administration we have got a lot of work, um, in restoring our legitimacy to the rest of the world.”

Countdown puts Breitweiser’s voice above others, like Joan Molinaro, whose son Carl died on 9-11.  She told the New York Times:

“It’s absolutely disgusting.”

She said of proclaimed matermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed,

“He was willing to plead guilty in a military court. Now he comes to New York and gets all the rights of an American citizen, which he isn’t. He’s going to be, what, two blocks from ground zero, where he can see his handiwork and mock those he murdered…Every day I get up and know I’ll never see my son again.  This is just a smack in his face.”

MSNBC and Countdown adds force to that smack in the face by putting one radical activist’s voice above the hurt and pain of these other families.

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