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Genius Envy: Ed Schultz Gets Tweaked by Rush

Posted on November 17 2009 4:12 pm
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Well, someone is certainly "obsessed."

Last night, Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, fell into a trap set by the object of his Genius Envy, Rush Limbaugh. In his Psycho Talk segment, Ed mocked Rush for saying on his radio program last Friday:

The media tweak of the day: Hitler put people in jail to lower the unemployment numbers. Another media tweak: that’s how Dachau started.

Ed either missed the words “media tweak,” or was too busy cribbing from the George Soros-funded Media Matters‘ earlier hit piece on the show. Everyone else took his words as a tip-off that Limbaugh made his statement in anticipation that it would lead the next round of infuriated media coverage. Rush even spent the next segment of his show joking with Snerdley about whether he should bleep his statement.

According to a Google search, most leftists resisted covering the statement, except Sgt. Schultz and Soros’s dumpster-divers. Each has its own reason. Soros pays well for a daily hit on Rush. Schultz is perpetually jealous of Rush’s position in Schultz’s chosen profession.

There is also the third factor in the Left’s coverage of Rush: the Left has no sense of humor. Paul Cooper here at NewsRealblog commented on the last time Rush pulled one over on the Left….

Just over two weeks ago, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews reported an outrage: Rush had knowingly quoted a bogus thesis supposedly written by Barack Obama. While in a fit of pique about Rush’s vicious intellectual dishonesty, NewsRealblog pointed out the obvious: it was a joke.

This is one of the reasons Schultz, Olbermann, and Matthews’ combined TV audiences barely equals that of Sean Hannity. And Ed Schultz, the Left’s (most recent) “answer to Rush Limbaugh,” is exposed by the man he so desperately wishes to emulate.

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