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SEIU Wants Socialized Medicine To Boost Its Member Rolls

Posted on November 16 2009 7:03 pm
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Candidate Obama with Henry Nicholas (AFL-CIO) and SEIU's Anna Burger and Andy Stern (from left to right) (source:

The radical left-wing Service Employees International Union (SEIU) stands to reap huge benefits if America adopts a socialist, single-payer healthcare system.

Glenn Beck said on his TV program that

The unions are in trouble. They desperately need government healthcare because they’ve promised far too much. Huge benefit packages, massive retirement pensions, have the unions scrambling to unload the burden. And guess who the lucky recipient of that burden is? You.

Beck’s right. Union membership is in perpetual decline and union pension systems are badly underfunded. SEIU wants a massive government-run healthcare system because it believes that would increase demand for unionized healthcare workers. SEIU might even believe having one-size-fits-all Big Government healthcare is the right thing to do.

And SEIU has been pulling out all the stops to keep up the political pressure. SEIU president Andrew (Andy) Stern, who claims he’s not a radical, has visited the Obama White House at least 20 times so far this year.

It’s not like Obama needs the pressure in order to pursue his goal of nationalizing America’s healthcare system. He’s already onside with SEIU. “I’ve spent my entire adult life working with SEIU! I’m not a newcomer to this!” Obama told an SEIU meeting during the campaign.

Beck also mentioned that SEIU put out an institutional self-hagiography in cinematic form, “Labor Day.” The documentary, which showed in limited release in select movie markets, was partly financed by SEIU.

“Labor Day” is about how SEIU helped to elect President Obama. It shows just how indebted the president is to SEIU.

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