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MSNBC Covers the Poor Economy's Symptoms and Consequences But Can't Fathom the Causes

Posted on November 16 2009 2:00 pm
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(Nov 12 - MSNBC: Morning Meeting With Dylan Ratigan: States Slammed By Economy)

Plaudits to MSNBC’s, Dylan Ratigan, for covering a story that might have easily gone unnoticed during a week filled with a profusion of big news stories.  These stories include:

  • The mentally deranged, mass murderer of Fort Hood, which certain “fringe bigots” are trying to call an act of jihadist terrorism
  • The good Afghanistan War of  possibly, but possibly not, necessity
  • Congressman William Jefferson’s sentencing to 13 years in the slammer for glaciating 90K of fresh, green, U.S., cash hidden inside of pie crusts in his home freezer
  • The continued, strenuous, government, efforts to take-over the national healthcare insurance industry before 2010,
  • Attorney General Eric Holder announcing his (or somebody’s) decision to try five of the vilest, murdering,  Jihadist terrorists in world history in a NYC Federal court of law in lieu of an off continent, Military Tribunal
  • And of course the pronouncement of The First ‘Pacific’ President of America, off on his Asian tour, even as 60,000 U.S. soldiers are getting pummeled in that good war of possible necessity while awaiting the Pacific president’s decision whether or not he will provide additional troops.

Enough to make you forget about the stupid economy isn’t it?

Dylan’s Topic: Some states are in economic trouble and that probably means there are big opportunities for the GOP in 2010. Dylan’s guest, Congressman Charlie Bass (R- NH), an ousted incumbent himself, said of the current political landscape,

“I wouldn’t want to be an incumbent under any circumstances.”

I say, good point, Charlie, and good topic, Dylan. The segment focused on the small fact that one fifth of our states are sitting on the brink of economic collapse. So I did a little research and found that, curiously, nine of these ten troubled states voted our current president into office, mostly for economic reasons.

You’ll recall how in September of 2008, as the presidential campaign race was in the home-stretch, there was that sudden and surprising, but very fortunate, discovery in Washington DC of an economic Super-Crisis that would cause our nation, and perhaps the world, to plummet into the Biggest-Daddy of all depressions unless we immediately emptied out the treasury to save it all from inevitably happen in the following week – or so.

(You just gotta love and admire a Gotham City Government that saves planets from failed, greedy capitalism, and man-made global climate disasters, and stuff. But I digress.)

It was at that turning point the economy eclipsed all other issues and Obama, the Un-Bush, took his leap forward as the frontrunner in the race, which resulted in his resplendent presidential coronation. He would soon become (just give him a little time) the shining light himself, the smartest, most magnificent, wisest, magnanimous, illustrious president in America’s dark and shameful history. Said the Liberal media.

The American economy is in a recession. During his first 10 months in office, in order to stimulate the economy, President Obama spent more money than the previous 43 presidents – combined. Unemployment is now officially at 10.2%, and unofficially at 22%, even as several months ago, Mr. Obama reasoned that unless he spent those hundreds of billions of tax dollars, unemployment would possibly reach as high as 8%.  Today, the states in greatest peril of becoming fiscal Californias are Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Arizona, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Florida. With the exception of John McCain’s home state, Arizona, they’re all blue. One might say these are liberal states, which of course is true in the most subjugating sense of the word.

I couldn’t help but notice other curiosities about these suffering states. For example, did you know that New Jersey ranks as #1 in having the highest property taxes, and Wisconsin ranks 5th, Illinois 6th, and Rhode Island 8th? Indeed, if you group together these same Obama-voting states, currently in the economic latrine, they woefully rank in the top quartile of the highest property taxing states in the country. Again, with the exception of the fluky, red, Arizona state that voted for McCain. And, coincidentally, guess which states are projected to recover slowest among the 57, or however-many United States there are? Uh huh! Those same ten. Can you believe it?

It’s important for Americans to know that one fifth of the country’s states are facing bankruptcy. We appreciate the story, Dylan. Additionally, it is newsworthy that the incumbents stand to be losers, and the GOP stands to gain seats in those states. But why stop at symptoms and consequences? Why not mention causes? Would it not be newsworthy and important to America, particularly the citizens of the states in peril, to help through some investigative journalism (like Google) and connect a few dots, show a few comparisons and disparities?  May I suggest helping to enlighten the public about the Orwellian use of the word, Liberal, and show your viewers how there is a direct connection between Liberal Leaders of Liberal states and high taxes, big spending, big government, and the futility of fiscal health by the use of the Liberal formula ?

I’m just thinking here, Mr. Ratigan.

Jobs for Americans: Which states will take longest to rebound?


Presidential Election Results


This graph from today’s New York Times is also relevant:


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