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Media Matters: Where Every Night is Amateur Night

Posted on November 16 2009 10:00 am
Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now entering its 11th year online. Her latest book is Acoustic Ladylandkathy shaidle, which Mark Steyn calls "a must-read."
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(Photo credit: Dena Leichnitz)

Eric “the Excitable” Boehlert’s attempts to be witty and insightful are the moral equivalent of, say, Betty Friedan re-enacting Sophia Loren’s striptease in Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The Media Matters scribe habitually grasps onto the flimsiest conceit, then “pole dances” all over it with the grace of a one-legged sloth with a Vicodin habit.

Today, his “gotcha” is that Conservatives4Palin is like NewsBusters because both sites allegedly publish lots of mistakes. Or something. He repeats this hilarious “idea” three times to make sure we all get it, even offering to “pause while you chuckle” and tossing in a “LOL!”

Regardless, the point (if I understand him correctly) is that “unlike Media Matters,” those two websites play “quite loose with the facts.”

This is the same Media Matters that can’t tell up from down, cites itself as an expert source, and traffics in unsourced “racist” quotes.

And this is the same Eric Boehlert whose chronic typos surely qualify him to receive some sort of disability benefit. Boehlert particularly enjoys scolding other writers for “fudging the facts and ignoring the most rudimentary tenets of journalism” — which apparently don’t include spelling the word “journalism” correctly.

When NewsReal first asked me to monitor the “George Soros Steno Pool,” I balked, hesitant to dip my toe into that dead lake of left wing mendacity every morning. To my surprise, the assignment has turned out to be weirdly exhilarating, in no small part thanks to the Fantasia-hippo-ballet that is the Eric Boehlert oeuvre.


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