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From the Pen of David Horowitz: November 16, 2009

Posted on November 16 2009 12:49 am
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Republicans are often surprised when Democrats refer to them as “Nazis” and “fascists,” the way Representative John Lewis did on the floor of the House during the Medicare debate. Or when they accuse Republicans of taking food out of the mouths of children. When attacked, Republicans become defensive. They worry about whether it was something they said (or perhaps did) to elicit such suspicion and abuse. Republicans think, “If only we were more careful,… If only we presented ourselves better.”

It’s fine for Republicans to put on their best face in public. It’s important for persuading those in the middle who are not ideological and whose votes decide elections. But for the Democrat hardcore who are politically left nothing Republicans can do will make them stop thinking of Republicans as racists and lynchers, or wanting them politically dead.

If you doubt this, look at what Democrats did to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. When he was nominated to a seat on the Court, Thomas had been an upstanding citizen and civil servant for twenty years. He had risen from circumstances of great adversity without a single blemish on his public record. But this meant nothing to the Democrats. They went straight for his jugular.

They employed the pretext that, in a private conversation ten years before, he had allegedly used improper language to a Yale civil rights lawyer. They said this was an outrage against a helpless female who was unable to speak up for herself! They said that Thomas had abused his position and power as her employer. They said he had committed a crime against all women. They called for his head in the name of all women. They were unable to defeat his nomination, but they tarnished his reputation and neutralized him as a public force.

A few years later, Bill Clinton had actual sex with a White House employee. This was not a Yale attorney with a portfolio in civil rights law, but a confused intern of college age. It was revealed that Clinton had also groped a widow, demanded a sexual favor from a state employee and forced himself on a campaign worker. Unlike Thomas, who never attacked the character of his accuser, Clinton and his agents set out to destroy the reputations of each of his female victims when they came forward to speak about their abuse. He even went so far as to lie in a court of law to accomplish this.

But when confronted with Clinton’s sexual harassment, the same pack of feminists, liberals and progressives who had attempted to lynch Thomas, said: “It’s OK.” “He’s just a man.” “Boys will be boys.” They did more than give Clinton a pass. They sprang to his defense. Congressional Democrats who preened themselves on being the social conscience of the nation were willing to go to the wall keep a guilty male in power. They said: “It’s only sex.”

When the political chips were down, the Democrats’ principles didn’t matter. What mattered was that Clinton was one of them, and Clarence Thomas was not. And because he was not, they had to taint and destroy him.

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