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Anita 'Scarface' Dunn Goes Out With Guns Blazing: Praises Jon Stewart and MSNBC while Still Dumping on Fox

Posted on November 16 2009 5:47 pm
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Ever see the end of “Scarface”?  If you’re going down you might as well go down fighting. President Barack Obama’s mastermind behind the Fox News war, Anita Dunn, is not fading away after resigning from the Obama White House.

In her first interview (done on Bloomberg television) Dunn is throwing grenades and emptying her chamber on all her enemies.  She also makes some statements about Jon Stewart and MSNBC that reveal her blindness for truth isn’t limited to her love for Mao Zedong.

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Watch Dunn’s attacks and outlandish praises:

Bloomberg’s Albert Hunt does a decent job with questions in the interview.  They are good enough to learn a lot about the mindset of Dunn.  For example we learn she thinks Obama’s White House has failed on online communication since achieving power.  If you read between the lines, its plain she realizes those holding Obama accountable have done far better than Obama’s folks in using the web.

We also learn that Dunn is either a bold liar or completely ignorant of  how she has led the Obama administration to wage war against many in the press.  She comes off like Baghdad Bob when she says,

“The reality is that, I think that if you look at the Obama White House, what you see is, and the American people have seen this, you see a President who has really gone to extraordinary lengths to reach out to people who don’t agree with him.  And to make sure that the people who don’t agree with him have their voices heard in this process.”

How does she say that with a straight face?  This Obama administration has become famous for doing whatever it can to silence the press if it doesn’t deflect negative and promote his agenda. Chris Wallace called them “crybabies” and Helen Thomas said they were worse than Nixon.

We also see how blindly biased she is for anyone other than FoxNews.  Dunn actually believes The Daily Show is more legitimate journalism than FoxNews.

Dunn: “Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on Comedy Central…That’s where you are getting fact-checking, investigative journalism these days…We’re under no delusions of the political agenda of [FoxNews].”

When asked about the bias of MSNBC, she defends them and calls them “different than Fox”.  Dunn claims that Joe Scarborough hosting the morning show means the network isn’t biased.  She comes across like the racist golf course owner who points to the one black member in the club, so that the course isn’t banned by the PGA.

Dunn also hints that her resignation just may have been a case of yet another person in the Obama family thrown under the bus.  Twice she makes the case that her battle with FoxNews was not done by “going rogue.”  She may just be saying she did nothing on her own and should have been able to keep her job longer.

When Scarface finally went down in his blaze of glory he was never seen from again.  Unfortunately, since Dunn is going to shift to being a consultant with the White House, we may be hearing even more from her soon.

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