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A Marxist Contract With America

Posted on November 15 2009 1:30 pm
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Citizen Newt

There was some obvious irony in Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gleefully informing Greta Van Susteren that the final vote tally in New York’s 23rd Congressional District might award the House Seat to Conservative Doug Hoffman, in spite of all Newt’s efforts. Speaking during his “On the Record,” interview, Gingrich stated:

“They (the Conservative Party on election night) were given bad information. They’d done far better in Doug’s key county. As the absentee ballots come in, it keeps getting narrower and narrower.”

Greta situated the significance of Hoffman’s supposed loss perfectly when she linked it to the dramatic Health Care Reform vote in the dead of night on November 7th.

“What bothers me the most in this is that he (Bill Owens) was not certified as the winner. The Speaker of the House and every Democrat member of Congress wanted to rush him in and have him sworn in on Friday solely for the reason that he could vote on the next day (on the Health Care Bill.) In a huge rush to quick, quick, quick jam this down our throat.”

Bill Owens’ presence at the House vote in place of Doug Hoffman’s contributed to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narrow success. She needed 218 votes, she got 220. Hoffman’s vote might have meant that only two, instead of three men had voted to turn America into Cuba. Who can say what the effect of a Hoffman win would have had on the “Blue Dog Democrats?” Would Benedict Arnold Cao have “Aye’d” so enthusiastically, had Hoffman won?

Tragically, even in a “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” scenario in which Hoffman is declared the winner, and the Owens’ vote thrown out as invalid, it is highly unlikely that the entire House vote be reconsidered . Though Hoffman’s vote is secure if the Bill makes it through the Senate and back to the House, his initial presence might have indeed stopped it dead in the House.

The rush to get Owens’ vote, perhaps motivated by the fear that the District would eventually be called for Hoffman, demonstrates the absolute desperation of the Administration to have Healthcare Reform passed at any cost. This is the key to radical transformation of America into a Marxist gulag. Controlling our healthcare gives the Government domination over twenty percent of our economy and power over every aspect of our lives. What we eat, where we work, who we hire, how we recreate, who is ill and who is well, the size of our families, every aspect of our lives can be dictated by the Government bureaucracy in the name of healthcare.

The serious mistake being made by those who oppose this government take-over of healthcare is to underestimate the power of ideology, and overestimate the power of re-election lust. Even if they knew today that pushing healthcare through would cost them the elections in 2010 and 2012, they would still proceed. The perfect metaphor for the Administration is, terrifyingly enough, that of suicidal Jihadists. To pass these key components of their Marxist agenda, they will crash the Democratic Party and their own electability into the towers of American individual freedoms and our capitalist free market. So long as healthcare passes, they will have readied America for a rapid crash landing and its subsequent future as a Marxist State.

It is hard to imagine that one little congressional district election could have such a historic significance. It is to be hoped that Mr. Gingrich will evaluate the role he played by endorsing Scozzafava, and learn that only those who are totally committed to the principles represented whole-heartedly by (perhaps!) Congressman Hoffman, can effectively oppose revolutionaries who think nothing of feigning an election victory to be able to radically transform America.

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