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Smarmy Sanchez: Trying to Deflate Focus on Radical Islam By Focusing on Fred Phelps

Posted on November 14 2009 5:00 am
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Sanchez always ready to teach moral equivalence to America.

How do you try to keep people from confronting radical Islamic terrorism?  You do a pointless news story on a small group of wacko protesters who claim to be Christian.

Let me be clear.  I, like everyone in the world, consider Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church folks to be sick people.  The group has made themselves famous by protesting funerals, schools, and thousands of other places with “God Hates Fags” signs.  However, to use them as a tool to try to equate their small group of hate with the widespread terrorism of radical Islam is ridiculous.  But that is exactly what CNN’s Rick Sanchez tried to do (though he attempted to hide it by not making a direct comparison.)

Sanchez: “Targeting US Soldiers – dead US Soldiers.  Reverend Fred Phelps, I’m talking to you… I guess the point to be made is: these days we talk a lot about hate in this country.  Maybe looking at that is a reminder that it often comes in many, many different forms.”

Sanchez, like most of the media, has tried to remove mention of radical Islam from the Ft. Hood Massacre story. Sanchez goes a step further with a back door game of moral equivalence. He does not say it, but he does infer that the hate of Westboro Baptist shows Christian extremism can be equated with Islamic extremism.  This is a claim often made in the media – most recently by Chris Matthews, which I wrote about here.

Of course to put Fred Phelps and Westboro on the same level of hate as Radical Islam is insane.  There is no comparison.

Westboro Baptist is a church in Kansas of about 70 people.  Almost everyone of them is a family member of Phelps.  They are a small cult group of crazy people.  They are insensitive and insane.  They are extremely offensive though not violent.

Radical Islam is not just offensive – it is involved with the bloody murder of innocents on a regular basis.  It is also widespread across the globe.

Everyday it seems there are new stories about Islamic terrorism.  Just today the media is reporting that the US Government had to seize Mosques being uses as a “front for Iran.”  Here is a map of countries that have had Islamic terrorist attacks since 9-11 (these are based on news reports – most likely there are many more unaccounted for):


Radical Islam is not one little group.  There are most likely millions of Islamic extremists all over the world.  Islam is not the enemy.  Most of the 1.2 billion are not violent.  However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Radical Islam is everywhere and it is far too often violent.

Radical Islam is the #1 issue of American security and to equate such hate with the hate of one crazy family in Kansas is irresponsible journalism.

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