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Leftists in Congress Wage War on Catholics

Posted on November 14 2009 12:00 pm
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Editor’s note: NewsReal has written recently about the Left’s hostility to Christianity. Michael van der Galien wrote about the attack on Christians on Morning Joe here. Paul Cooper talked about Chris Matthews’ absurd anti-Christian remarks here.

Radical feminist Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) is very upset with the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  The USCCB was very influential in getting the Stupak/Pitts amendment prohibiting federal funding of abortions added to HR3200 (aka “PelosiCare”) this past Saturday.  According to Information and Analysis for Reproductive Health, the amendment:

  • Prohibits individuals who receive the affordability tax credits from purchasing a private insurance plan that covers abortion, despite the fact that a majority of health insurance plans currently cover abortion.
  • Results in a de facto ban on private insurance companies providing abortion coverage in the health insurance exchange, since the vast majority of participants would receive affordability tax credits.
  • Prohibits the public option from providing abortion care, despite the fact that it would be funded through private premium dollars.
  • Stipulates that health plans cannot be mandated to cover abortion, but they can choose to.
  • Stipulates that if a plan chooses to cover abortion, no federal funds can go towards abortion, which is consistent with current federal policy.
  • Ensures state laws regarding abortion coverage are not pre-empted, so if states want to pass further restrictions on abortion coverage, they can. This a significant win for anti-choice organizations.
  • Protects conscience rights of health care providers and facilities.

“Who elected them (e.g., USCCB) the to Congress?” Woolsey asks.  Furthermore,

[t]he role the bishops played in the pushing the Stupak amendment, which unfairly restricts access for low-income women to insurance coverage for abortions, was more than mere advocacy.

They seemed to dictate the finer points of the amendment, and managed to bully members of Congress to vote for added restrictions on a perfectly legal surgical procedure (i.e., abortion).

Woolsey is so incensed by the actions of the USCCB that she wants to revoke the tax exempt status of the church.   These are not the ravings of a no-name Congressional back bencher.  Woolsey is co-chair of the radical Congressional Progressive Caucus, comprising nearly six-dozen of the most leftist members in the U.S. House of Representatives.

More than mere advocacy?  Is opposition to the federal funding of abortion a hate crime now?

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