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The Real Issue in the Carrie Prejean Fiasco

Posted on November 12 2009 9:36 am
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Some readers have asked if — with the release of topless photos and now a solo sex tape — conservatives, or Christians, or conservative Christians, should consider former Miss California Carrie Prejean a role model. The question strikes me as off-base, a hybrid of the cult of hero worship and the 24/7 media’s information overload.

The underlying issue in the Prejean case is not — or at least, it has never been for me — one of the pageant (near-)winner’s character or admirability. It’s a simple matter of the Left’s aggressive politicization of every aspect of life, including beauty pageants and football.

To entertain the question, most Christians would have difficulty with any role model whose life’s work serves to increase the works of the flesh. And fundamental to both the conservative and Christian message is the understanding God is replicated among men only with varying degrees of imperfection; thus, to idolize anyone is a disappointment in the making. It is a lesson drilled into anyone who has been scandalized by clergy or politicians, betrayed by a spouse or co-workers, or let down by friends or family. Few people have earned a level of trust; fewer still keep it.

Does Carrie Prejean deserve such a status? The deeper question is: Who cares? The existence of topless photos, a solo sex tape, or a secret home altar to Baal are irrelevant to Prejean’s underlying story: as a contestant in a beauty contest, she was sabotaged by a bigoted hysteric and almost certainly lost the national crown on the basis of politics. From that moment, pageant officials seemed to try to find every conceivable way to revoke her Miss California title. Now, a string of sexually explicit photos and a video have hit the news — all because she gave an apologetic endorsement of a 5,000-year-old institution that happens to be the bedrock of civilization.

The issue is not whether Carrie Prejean is a model Christian, conservative role model, or a good spokesmodel. The issue is the unconscionable behavior of pageant officials and the media, and the Left’s insatiable desire to feast on the blood of its enemies. The Left cannot defend Perez Hilton’s antics, so it has made a concerted effort to destroy Carrie Prejean. Anita Dunn could not defend the health care bill, so she made a concerted effort to  destroy Fox News and Glenn Beck. No one could defend Bill Clinton, so his detail made a concerted effort to paint Monica Lewinsky as a stalker and Paula Jones as trailer trash. Those thuggish tactics are what conservatives rightly oppose.

The fact that Prejean made a solo sex tape puts her in the company of approximately 100 percent of her fellow models. It is relevant only to those children being told to base their entire lives on her sacred teachings; I surmise they are few indeed. If Prejean want to do the nation a great service, she could use the remaining time she would have served as Miss USA to warn teenage girls about the dangers of sexting.

If the Left wants to carp about morality, it can begin by applying some of its newfound scruples to Levi Johnston. Conservatives would do well to keep the main issue in focus.

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