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Media Matters Pushes 'Anti-Muslim Hate Crime' Myth

Posted on November 12 2009 9:00 am
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“Anti-Muslim hate crimes” are apparently soaring, but don’t worry: those crack investigators at the George Soros Steno Pool otherwise known as Media Matters are on the case.

And they’re angry at Rush Limbaugh for daring to mock this epidemic of violence:

Referring to remarks by Gen. George Casey regarding potential backlash against Muslims in the military in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings, Rush Limbaugh claimed: “There is no backlash against Muslims in America. Zip, zero, nada.” Limbaugh’s claim that “there is no backlash against Muslims in America” is undermined by a 2002 FBI hate crimes analysis that found that “[a]nti-Islamic religion incidents” in 2001 increased “by more than 1,600 percent over the 2000 volume,” and a San Francisco Chronicle article reported that “[h]ate crimes against Muslims soared after Sept. 11.”

Media Matters conveniently overlooks the fact that many of those “hate crimes” turned out to be attention-getting hoaxes.

And that, according to the most recent data available, from 2007, “the number of hate crimes against Muslims have significantly decreased since 9-11 from nearly 500 a year to 115 a year.”

And Jews are exponentially more likely to be victims of “hate crimes” than Muslims. Lots of angry Amish anti-Semites out there, I guess.

PS: according to the FBI, there are almost seven times more “anti-white” “hate crimes” than “Islamophobic” “hate crimes.” Whatever they are. (Beating them up with an L.L. Bean catalogue? Stealing their Beck records?) Regardless, I doubt Media Matters will be “analyzing” that raging “epidemic” any time soon.

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