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Genius Envy: Ed Schultz Pads His Resume, Taunts O'Reilly, Steals (Credit for) KFGO's Peabody

Posted on November 12 2009 12:33 pm
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Deep down, it's all about Ed.

What’s more pathetic than a less talented individual taunting a more successful person with his achievements? If that man flaunts an award that isn’t exactly his. Last night on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, Ed Schultz mocked a two-year-old clip of Bill O’Reilly in his “Psycho Talk” segment. Bill’s guest happened to be Ed Schultz, then a nationally syndicated radio talk shot host. In an example of genius envy, Ed pathetically blew up the tiny shot of a Peabody Award situated on a shelf behind him during the interview, circled it like a coach on Monday Night Football, and brayed:

By the way, uh, did you see that video shot, that Peabody, uh yeah, over the shoulder there? Hey O’Reilly – where’s yours?


Somebody used to do play-by-play!

The Peabody Awards give out few individual awards — and Ed Schultz did not receive one of them. The radio station he broadcast from — KFGO-790 AM in Fargo, North Dakota — won a Peabody in 1997 for covering the “Flood of the Century.” Schultz had just joined the KFGO team and assisted in the reporting. Ed’s website claims Schultz “has managed and been lead talent for a broadcast team that has won two Marconis and a prestigious Peabody Award.” Lead talent, eh? The award announcement put Ed’s contribution into perspective:

During the crisis the staff, under the direction of news director Paul Jurgens, maintained round-the-clock coverage. When thousands of residents lost electricity in an early spring blizzard, and many hundreds lost their homes in the subsequent floods, producer Tina Rene and reporters/writers Don Haney, Bonnie Amistadi, Doug Hamilton, Gary Rogers, Sandy Buttweiler, and Ed Schultz kept listeners informed.

Incidentally, KFGO won another Peabody in 1984, when Ed worked at WDAY-TV for its 24-hour coverage of a blizzard. According to Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer, Schultz was “canned” from KFGO earlier this year “when, during the height of the Fargo-Moorhead flood threat, he criticized local officials for their preparations and predicted the area would lose the flood fight because of it.”

This is not to diminish the award of Schultz’s part in it. Having been part of an award-winning radio news operation, I know the justifiable pride he would take in it — and the contribution every member of the team makes to win. But Ed tried to intimate that award was his, in order to tweak the most successful man in his third chosen profession (after football and radio).

By the way, did you see O’Reilly’s first-place finish in the Nielsen ratings? The one where The O’Reilly Factor got 6.4 times the audience of The Ed Show?


Hey Schultz — where’s yours?

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