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Media Matters thinks all Black Women are Maids or Something

Posted on November 10 2009 9:00 am
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The Media Matters “Racist Right Wing Meme Generator” must be in the shop.

Desperate for something, anything, to write about, the George Soros Steno Pool has been reduced to mining talk show host Neal Boortz’s Twitter feed. They came up with this:

Maxine Waters says Social Security and Medicare are “strong.” How do idiots like this get elected? This lady should be cleaning restrooms

Not only does Media Matters detect “racism” (of course) in Boortz’s comment, it holds it up as evidence of a veritable “racist cleaning lady” meme that’s sweeping American conservatism:

As proof, Media Matters points to a 2007 comment by Don Imus. And a 2006 remark by Ann Coulter (which is actually a joke about fast food workers, not housekeepers).

And… well, that’s all they’ve got, actually.

Media Matters tsks:

Why is it that when some conservatives think of successful African American women, these are the first things that pop into their minds?

Which is pretty comical when you consider all the truly racist comments liberals and leftists made about Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice during the eight-year Bush Administration. Which Media Matters chose never to condemn.

But here’s what I want to know? Why is it when Media Matters thinks of “cleaning women,” they automatically think of African-American females? And what’s wrong with being an African American cleaning woman? Wasn’t Rosa Parks an African-American cleaning woman? Why do you hate African American cleaning women, Media Matters? Huh?

PS:  how many black people work at Media Matters? And no, cleaning ladies don’t count!

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