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Chesler Scores Big on Lou Dobbs

Posted on November 10 2009 5:13 pm
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Editor’s Note: Click here to see a video of the debate discussed in this post.

Bravo to freedom fighter Phyllis Chesler for her robust, intelligent and brave performance on Lou Dobbs this evening. In a face-off with Nation columnist  John Nichols about whether the Fort Hood tragedy can be called “terrorism,” Chesler made the crucial points that Hasan was a jihadist, that there is an ideology of radical Islam that is at war with this nation, and that the U.S. Army simply has to become a “politically correct free zone” if it is to protect not only this country but also the lives of its own troops.

Chesler was also, as usual, on target by levelling criticism at President Obama for his failure to even mention the reality of Islamic jihad in his Fort Hood speech today. As she emphasized, it is crucial to name the enemy we are fighting — which the Obama administration is still to do.

Nichols, meanwhile, faithfully toed the Leftist Party Line, shamelessly engaging in Jihad-Denial — a mutated carbon copy of the Gulag Denial that the Left maintained throughout the Cold War, and continues to maintain till this day. David Horowitz has masterfully dissected this phenomenon on NewsReal today.

When all was said and done, it was clear that the Chesler-Nichols match was a no-contest, as Chesler, a renowned scholar,  made mince meat out of the leftie lightweight on Dobbs’  program. (Clue for Nichols: Trying to deny the existence and evil of Islamic jihad does not make for an effective argument).

Let’s everyone give props and a special shout-out to Dr. Phyllis Chesler, a courageous warrior for freedom who is fearlessly battling jihadists and their apologists on the frontlines in our culture war today!


[Editor’s note: To get the whole story on how and why leftist feminists have abandoned millions of their Muslim sisters suffering under Islamic gender apartheid, read Phyllis Chesler’s book, The Death of Feminism.]


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