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From the Pen of David Horowitz: November 9, 2009

Posted on November 9 2009 1:49 am
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Van Bakel: It’s hard to think of Islamic terrorists as being on the left in the first place. These people have mindsets that are straight from the Middle Ages. They abhor all the freedoms that the American Left, for better or for worse, has fought for, from abortion to equal rights for women, from separation of church and state to freedom of speech. Pundits on the right habitually call extremist Arabs ‘Islamo-fascists,’ which is an apt enough label, one that I’ve frequently used myself. But you can’t have it both ways. If animals like Atta are on the extreme left, can they also be on the extreme right?

Horowitz: My entire book Unholy Alliance:Radical Islam and the American Left is addressed to this question. If leftists are, as you say, for human rights and the Islamo-fascist enemy is Medieval and, well, fascist, then how come the American left went out in force to save Saddam’s bacon? The gravamen of my book which contains a long section called “The Mind of the Left” is that the way to look at the modern left is not through its positive agendas. The left hasn’t had a coherent unifying agenda since the death of Stalinism in 1956. What unifies the left is its anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism, its determination to carry out the destructive part of the revolutionary agenda – bring the mother down, without bothering about what will come next.

What the modern left shares with Islamic radicals is a negative vision: America as the Great Satan, the root of all evil. In the eyes of the Left, America is the guardian of private property everywhere – “globalization” and this has been regarded by leftists as the root of all evil since Rousseau identified it as such. Both Islamicists and leftists have a fantastic vision of the utopian future when the beast is slain. For the Islamicists like Zarqawi this redemptive future is the garden of Allah and 72 virgins; for leftists like Katrina Van Den Heuvel it is “social justice.” For both, the path to an earthly paradise is through the destruction of the Great Satan — which is us.

Why Zarqawi and Katrina vanden Heuvel?

Today’s quote of the day was selected as an answer to this blog here which claims that Horowitz’s argument of an unholy alliance is “hateful.” The pretentiously-titled blog — Chasing Evil — discredits itself when it opens the post stating, “There is no difference between these guys [Horowitz] and terrorists to me.”

Read the book before you dismiss the argument. When I was a leftist I had a hard time with Horowitz’s thesis here. Then I put my emotional objections aside and just dealt with the arguments. Eventually I accepted that he was right.

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