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Comment of the Day: No More Mrs. Nice Conservative…

Posted on November 9 2009 6:15 pm
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From “Peachey” on my Help Save Fox post:

Far too long have Conservatives remained quiet, hospitable, tolerant, desiring peaceful dialog. This has to end in order for our voices to remain public in any form. The attempt to silence Conservatives and those that oppose Obama is growing and evolving into a full-on war on dissent. It is time to put up our dukes and take them on with a vengence. I for one am disappointed and angry with Conservatives speaking softly and not vigorously confronting what is wrong and detrimental to our country. If we do not unite on this one point, our voices and the voices of our children will be forever silenced. To hell with being “nice” and “courteous” to those that show no niceness or courtesy. It is time for Conservatives to speak with wit and wisdom in exposing the truth and most of all to do it with a sharpness and clarity that bears no resemblance to waivering, indecision or compromise of values. It is possible to be courteous to those that give courtesy. It is possible to be nice to those that are nice. But, when lies, deceit and rancour are hurled at us, we must stop it cold. To listen to Michael Steele talk was an embarrassment. He did not confront the core points of Matthews argument. This was a courteous abdication based on a gentleman’s point of disagreement viewpoint. Oy veh!!!!! It is time to stop the steamroller of the white house and the lame-stream media from running over us with our permission. Dialog is a centerpiece and foundation of our society and government. Dialog is no longer in play with the Progressives.They have assumed a supreme position by us abdicating our role in the governing process. It is time to step on some toes, and not apologize for it. When open and fair discourse moves back into public arena, then the approach can be modified.

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