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NewsReal Sunday: Ft. Hood, Freedom, and Sacrifice

Posted on November 8 2009 6:00 pm
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“Soldiers die setting people free, and that’s more like Jesus than I’ll ever be.” – lyric from Susan Coats’ Pants by Randall Goodgame

It’s been quite a week for veterans.  The President’s visit to Dover to see fallen soldiers and their families, the Fort Hood Massacre, and Veteran’s Day have got me thinking about sacrifice.  We have seen so many soldiers being killed both abroad and now on a US military base.  You cannot help but think about how the sacrifices of others can bring us freedom.

Sadly, the terrorist Army psychiatrist Major Malik Nadal Hasan who slaughtered those troops at Ft. Hood has a warped view of sacrifice.  His idea of sacrifice is that a soldier saving buddies by falling on a grenade is equal to suicide bombers.  Here is Senator Joe Lieberman talking about that today on Fox News.

A sacrifice that brings terror is not sacrifice – it is terrorism.  Real sacrifice always brings freedom. Real sacrifice is dying to your own selfish desires so that others might gain freedom. As a Christian, the perfect example we have of sacrifice is Jesus.  He laid down his life that all others may truly live.  And right after telling his followers He would do that, He told them this:

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

Dr. Hasan is still alive. He sacrificed nothing. He gave no one freedom.  He took and stole peace and joy from over a dozen families.  This week let us remember that our soldiers put themselves in harm’s way every single day. Those soldiers died ready to defend our freedom.

This week I challenge you all to go and thank at least one veteran for giving a true sacrifice for your freedom.

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