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How So-Called Liberals Are Incapable of Rational Thought: Matthew Yglesias

Posted on November 8 2009 7:06 am
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Matthew Yglesias and I watched the same C-Span broadcast of the House debate on a parliamentary motion to extend remarks on the House bill. According to Yglesias, sexist Republicans (including — although he fails to mention this — Republican women) attempted to suppress the views of members of the Democratic women’s caucus by talking over them when they stepped to the podium to express their views.

This was not an original thought with Yglesias.  It was a talking point provided by the Soros octopus (in this case Think Progress) which accused the Republicans of  screaming and shouting to “silence women lawmakers.” Actually, the Republicans were raising parliamentary objections to the fact that while the rules clearly state that members supporting such motions were to limit themselves to a simple declaration of their attitude towards the motion (for or against,) the Democrat had a prepared statement about the health bill — not the motion — which they read (e.g., “Because the health care bill would cover pre-existing conditions, because it would help women etc etc….”)

The Republicans objected to the violation of the rule and asked for the rule. Chair John Dingell obliged by repeating the rule over and over again while allowing the Democrats to keep on violating it. And Republicans objected. Then it was the Republicans’ turn. When they attempted to mirror the Democrats’ abuse (“Because this bill is a government takeover of health care, because it is a massive tax increase…”) Dingell ruled them out of order and penalized them by ascribing the time they took for their statements to the time they were allotted for debate on the bill.

My reaction was, “How pathetic.” But obviously self-righteous leftists like Yglesias, on a crusade to save the world from sexist opponents of a progressive future, are incapable of appreciating just how obnoxious they appear to those who don’t share their religious ardor.

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