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Chris Matthews’ Epiphany: the Left is Obama’s Problem

Posted on November 8 2009 5:52 am
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Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman, Michael Steele inadvertently flipped the light on for Obama faithful, Chris Matthews host of MSNBC Hardball. Although it was on, it was too dim for Matthews to see the entire picture.

Matthews’ started his interview with Steele by peppering his questions with insulting statements, calling conservatives “wing-nuts.” It didn’t take long for Steele to stop the questions and address the statement, asking why Matthews kept calling his people “wing-nut?”

Then Steele turned the “wing-nut” to the far left.

Steele: “What about all the left-wing-nuts who won’t let the president get his agenda through? What about all the left-wing-nuts that are the reason we don’t have health care right now? You’ve got 60 votes in the Senate, you’ve got 78 seat majority in the House, and I don’t see anyone talking about the left-wing-nuts who are stifling the health care for my mother and my family and my community. So don’t give me the name calling here.”

That’s when the light came on. Well, at least a flicker.

Matthews: “I understand…it’s so interesting. So the president would be better off if he didn’t have a left and he could push a more moderate health care bill.”

Thinking Steele had a really smart idea he went on:

“You’re saying that the president of the United States has to make a tough discerning decision, to find the kind of bill that will pass, and pass it. Instead of being hung up by his far left.”

President Obama is not merely hung up by his far left. He’s standing on their shoulders.

Matthews is obviously coming from the presupposition that this president is capable of making tough discerning decisions. During his short stint in the Illinois Legislature Obama habitually avoided the tough decisions by voting “present”.

It was a strategic move then, just as it is now. He’s voting “present” on the Afghanistan war and on health care.

Both issues will have its own set of devastating consequences, due to the President’s inability to make definitive decisions on issues that conflict with the interests of the far-left.

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