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“Marxo-Sapiens” to the Rescue, Part 1: Health "Reform" Bill Passes the House

Posted on November 8 2009 1:00 pm
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Editor’s Note: For more of NewsReal’s coverage of the recent Health Care vote click here.

Karl Marx was a moron. Like so many intellectuals, he thrived in the tree but was lost in the forest. His solution for mankind’s ills was to simply invent a new being. The Marxo-Sapien is a being that happily gives to the maximum of its abilities and takes only what it “needs.” Like Big Foot, this being has never been seen, but is assumed by many to exist. It is implicit in the newly passed Nancy Pelosi “health care” bill. We are all Marxo-Sapiens now.

This day may well have been baked into our national cake once employers introduced health insurance as a tax free benefit during WWII. Thus began the creation of the national illusion that one’s medical care could be had without opportunity costs. It appears “free” for many of those who have it. When we discover it is not free we think a grave injustice has been perpetrated. Therefore, many believe those who do not have it should also get it for “free.” Most people have their medical expenses paid on their behalf by their employer, tax free, and have no idea what medical care actually costs. There is hardly a single other product or service (think food, iPods, automobiles, Satellite TV, etc.) for which that statement can be made. (See What Next: “Universal Food Insurance”? )

It is also not accurate to call what Americans have “health insurance.” Insurance is a product designed to cover specific sets of risks. What we call “health insurance” is really a government constructed, fixed price, pre-paid, “all you can consume” medical care product. That is what we have now in this country. We call this “health insurance.” This system is designed to encourage maximum consumption, similar to “all you can eat” fixed price restaurants. There are many proposals designed to ameliorate some of the worst problems with the current system. Pelosi’s bill is not one of them. What’s coming, if the Senate tracks the House, will be in the same mode as what we already have, only worse.

See Part 2 of “Marxo-Sapiens” to the Rescue tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: Visit Michael Rulle’s Blog Here. See his previous NewsReal commentaries here.

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